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Pediatricians hate these three parenting behaviors. The doctor reveals – Zdrowie Wprost

Pediatricians hate these three parenting behaviors.  The doctor reveals - Zdrowie Wprost

Dr. Monika Działowska, who runs a popular Instagram profile, shared her observations on the matter. Tweet embed. She listed three behaviors that she described as “really difficult for a pediatrician to deal with”.

What do pediatricians hate most?

“When a parent brings a sick child to part with healthy children” – the sins of the parents were listed in the first place. As Monika Działowska explains, in a short recording, parents often explain that they were enrolled in this way, or that … that cough appeared this morning. “What if I give birth to a child and come with him, for example, to vaccination And someone infected them, would that be okay? She asks. And he appeals to parents: “Do not do to others what you do not like.”

Monika Działowska recalled entering the office without knocking or pressing the doorknob immediately after knocking, without waiting for an invitation. As he emphasizes, the young patient also needs to respect intimacy and asks adults if they would like a stranger to enter the doctor’s office when they are undressed.

Strange comments: “Maybe he’s pooping?”

The third doctor lists the strange comments she hears when she has been going to the toilet for a while. “Maybe he’s pooping? Or maybe he’s just peeing? ” As she admits, such a situation once happened to her, but she knows from other doctors that this is not an isolated case.

The doctor’s post caused a flood of comments from both patients and other doctors. Added to the list of annoying behaviors: arriving at the wrong time and saying the doctor is dealing with it a line. Parents also commented for entering the office without knocking while examining a child, noting that nurses or receptionists also do so. Several people also wrote that their clinics do not have clearly separated areas for healthy and sick children.

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