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Pedronka is tempted by cheap electronics. You only need PLN 10

Pedronka is tempted by cheap electronics.  You only need PLN 10

Electronic accessories appeared again in the showcase of Pedronka stores. This time, the manufacturer is tempting at a very low price.

Once again Biedronka tempts its customers with cheap electronics. pa very cheap electronics. The store offers accessories that have the opportunity to entice many customers.

In Pedronka, the electronics are very fast – is it worth it?

The first is XO-S6 Headphones. We are talking about traditional in channels For a long time cable Finished with a 3.5 mm jack. It seems that apart from the low price, their main advantage will be the aesthetic design and Built-in microphone. However, it is worth taking the modification that this is a suggestion instead for owners of old phones and budget devices, because without a headphone output, it will not be of much use.

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The second tool is classic USB cable about height 1 pm. Like the headphones, they will be available in several colors, and in addition, we can choose if we prefer the U version.SB-C, microUSB, or Lightningintended for Apple devices.

Both accessories are included in the price 9.99 PLN. Is it worth it? In the case of the USB cable, the price seems to be right for what we get. On the other hand, for headphones … Well, I will not focus on the sensations of audiophiles, and in secret I suggest paying a few zlotys and buying something that you can listen to with pleasure.

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Image source: Tupungato /, Pedroncá

Text source: Pedroncka

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