April 14, 2021

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Peloton instructors design a new adidas line of clothing

The 11-piece line, known as the Adidas Xpolotan SS21 collection, is priced from $ 30 to $ 85 and includes tank tops, pants shorts and hoodies. Peloton has other branded clothing with athletic companies like Nike and Lululemon, but it was originally designed with the help of its instructors, and they are quickly becoming popular.

Adidas (ADDDF) And Peloton (PTON) In a press release they said they were “designed with quality performance technology for high energy fitness to create styles and be rooted in content, and comfort for relaxed recovery days”. Instructors Allie Love, Robin Arson and Cody Rixby helped design the costumes.

Sizes range from XS to 2X, and they are available in men’s, women’s and unisex styles. The collection goes on sale on March 25 on both of the company’s websites. On the same day, Peloton is streaming a live class to promote the new set on its application and devices.

Peloton has been growing during epidemics, with sales of its standard bikes and treadmills so high that this has led to long-term orders. The company recently announced it million 100 million cost Improve delivery time.
The new package goes on sale on March 25th.

Clothing sales don’t make as much money as its fitness equipment, but Peloton focuses more on it as it grows into a lifestyle brand. CEO John Foley recently said it was “creating the best quality clothing in the world” and hired an Amazon executive last year to help lead it.

Athletic wear has been a hot trend in recent years. Dickin Sporting Goods (D.K.S.) Further Announced this week A new men’s private-label athletic brand is helping shoppers use the popularity of sportswear. Such as other retailers The goal (Digit) And Coles (KSS), Began their own lines.
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