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Penalties for American students not calling boys “she”

Penalties for American students not calling boys "she"

The administration of Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia seemed to take it to heart The actions of “Catholic” leader Joe Biden And intends to punish students who interact with their “transgender” classmates by using their real names and pronouns similar to their real gender.

New sentences for “hate speech” charge

Authorities updated the 70-page textbook, entitled “Students’ Rights and Responsibilities,” and added rules to “hate speech” that would reveal the “new” gender of other children with gender identity disorders. If, as described by management, the identification of “transgender” colleagues by their true gender is repeated with greater “frequency and intensity,” it will be considered “discriminatory harassment,” for example, a 5-day suspension of student rights and other disciplinary actions.

The public school administration has gone so far as to support the correctness of political linguistics, with the document referring not only to “insults based on actual or perceived gender identity” but also to “malicious gender confusion” and accurately described as “she”. About the woman and the guy who decided that “he” was different from their real gender. The deadline was also introduced Naming (I.e.: calling someone “dead name”) i Wrong gender (Mention is made of the “false” determination of gender).

The school administration controls the rights of parents and religious rights

Students who continue to use the real names and nicknames of their classmates may encounter a senior official in the school administration who may decide to expel them from the school.

Such drastic measures taken by managers are critically acclaimed by parents, who in an interview with local media point out that they violate the rights of conscience and the right to have a worldview consistent with religious beliefs. Debra Dissler, a mother and former schoolteacher in the district, found the new rules “dangerous” and “harmful.” Another mother, Stacey Langdon, recalled the recent scandal when it was reported that there were pornographic books in a school library, and pointed out that “parents never really said anything.”

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