October 23, 2021

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Emerytury bez PIT

Pensions in Polish Lada. Who and how much he will benefit from personal income tax exemption

Polish law, the new Law and Justice Program, provides for an increase in benefits for the elderly through tax exemptions. Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki lists who will earn and how much.

Polish request Certainly please retirees. Law and Justice plans to exempt middle-income seniors from taxes.

Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki has calculated from and how much profit.

Prime Minister: The senior citizens will earn up to 2000 PLN per year

The Polish system provides for an increase in the tax-free amount to 30,000 PLN. PLN, which will also benefit older adults. As part of the tax reform, the pensions will be increased by the amount of the benefit tax to the level of 2.5 thousand PLN. PLN. Currently, pensions are weighed down by 17 or 32 percent. tax.

As calculated, up to 65 percent. Seniors today will not pay PIT. Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki indicated how much savings the elderly will save as possible.

In Polish Lada, we are working to improve the financial fate of retirees who are less well paid, because two-thirds of retirees will be around 2000. More zloty per year in the wallet. We want the fall of life to be a time when the elderly can count on the outstretched hand of local and state governments

Matthews Murawiecki

– The times of the Third Republic of Poland did not spoil the elderly, our wonderful mothers, our fathers, our grandmothers, and our great-grandfathers, which is why Polish Lada is a central place for the elderly. There would be no Poland in which we live today, and it would be much less developed had it not been for the great toil, after the war, the reconstruction after the ruins of the Second World War and then – under the difficult Communist regime – building value, rebuilding the various industries, economies and institutions in the People’s Republic of Poland – The head of government added.

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The Prime Minister added that with a total of 2.5 thousand PLN, the annual profit will reach 2000. PLN. These are not the only advantages for the elderly that Polish monasticism brought about.

The Law and Justice Party also wants to encourage people of retirement age to stay in the job market. Then, as we read in the post document “The elderly will not pay income tax (up to the tax limit), which will increase their net salaries.” The tax amount, in place of the state budget, will be credited to the future retiree’s individual retirement account.

When will the changes take effect? Details will not be disclosed until September 2021. After that, the government will publish an amendment to the law in this regard.


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