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PepsiCo is building another snack factory in Poland. It is planned to invest more than 1 billion PLN

W uroczystości  wmurowania kamienia węgielnego wziął udział premier Polski (fot. PAP/Maciej Kulczyński)

PepsiCo is investing more than 1 billion zlotys in building another factory for the production of snacks in Poland. The facility will be built on a 30-hectare plot of land located in więte near Środa Śląska within the Legnica Special Economic Zone (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship). The plant is set to become the largest and most sustainable environmental facility of the concern in Europe.

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The party was held today Groundbreaking To build a PepsiCo snack factory in Europe. It was attended by, among others, representatives of the Polish government, including the Prime Minister Matthews Morawiecki, Consul General of the United States, Provincial and Local Authorities, Silvio Popovici, President of PepsiCo for Europe.

– This is very good news for Polish farmers, producers and cooperators. I am glad that Poland enjoys the confidence of American investors – said, among others, Mateusz Morawiecki.

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– We invest in Poland and have been in business for 30 years. The central location supports the development of our food production in Central and Eastern Europe, he said Silvio Popovici. He added that “development must take place in a sustainable way – we want our factories to be the greenest facilities, not only in Europe, but also all over the world. At Środa Śląska, we are creating the future of food production. We want to build a model facility” sustainable development across Europe.

The company’s fifth production facility located in our country will be built by 2025. The facility will provide additional production capacity to expand the company’s fast-food snack offerings, including French fries and baked potato chips.

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The new factory will deliver it to the Polish market and for export To more than 20 countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as Hungary.

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The facility will be built in Święte near Środa Śląska

In addition to lower utility consumption, the company says, The plant is completely self-sufficient in energy and use the energy from your solar panels. Heating, cooling and water will be used in closed circuits, and rainwater will be collected for technological applications.

Potato peels produced during production will also play an important role It will be further processed into the biomass generator, thus generating additional energy for the plant, and then converted into a low-carbon fertilizer that will be provided to farmers for further agricultural production.

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