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“Permanent distance learning is a pathology.” Kazarnik: We don’t want that

"Permanent distance learning is a pathology."  Kazarnik: We don't want that

The head of MEiN was asked on the third program of Polish Radio To amend the Education Act comments, among other things opposing that the president would veto the bill again.

“This is the opposition’s desire, of course,” Czarnik said. He noted that President Andrzej Duda had opposed the law in March, but – he emphasized – “not because of its provisions, but because of circumstances and the need for unity around the law on the defense of the state.”

“He also confirmed, like me, that the deputies of the Education, Science and Youth Committee will now work with the President’s office to agree on a new bill, which is already in Parliament.”

– added.

A compromise was found. What?

He noted that during these few months the deputies met several times, including with Presidential Minister Majorzata Pabroca.

In the end, the deputies reached a compromise with the President’s Chancellery, and this is not the same project at all. It differs fundamentally from the previous one in three points. First of all – the control officers no longer have the right to effectively file an application for dismissal of a manager in the event of his non-compliance with the recommendations of the post-inspection, as is the case in the adopted law. Second, we separated two issues – just the presence of NGOs in the school – here only parental consent and extracurricular activities in the school – here parental consent and possible objection from the conduct officer, because he is the educational supervision authority”

Kazarnik said.

The third matter – as he pointed out – is the lack of systems that allow the transfer of information from the educational information system to the Social Insurance Institution.

“This project is fundamentally different in these three points. It plays the role of the president.”

Kazarnik said.

What about distance learning?

The head of MEiN was also asked about home schooling and noted that this law puts hurdles on the feet of parents who want to choose this type of education for their children.

Is it normal for everyone to criticize distance learning – and rightly so – because it has led to massive distortions and absolute injustice, and now Praise schools in the so-called cloud that causes distance learning not for a certain period, but permanently? Well, we’ve come to terms with the home tutors, with those who actually take responsibility for and teach their children. Full-time examination – necessarily, homeschooling school registration – from July 1 to September 21 and zoning”

– He said.

“If you want to homeschool, we do, which is why we also increased its funding 1.5 years ago We do not want the pathology that consists of permanent distance learning without any control and with remote exams. This is ridiculous ”

– Assessment of your crank.

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Last week, the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Youth completed procedures on two bills: the parliamentary and the presidential bill to amend the Education Act. processed together.

The presidential project concerns the activity of organizations and associations in schools and kindergartens. The bill presented by deputies from Law and Justice also related to the activities of organizations and associations in schools and kindergartens, but also included provisions on other issues, including increasing educational supervision of non-state schools, changes in home education, as well as provisions related to the activities of military preparation units, The establishment of branches of technical schools, the appointment of the head of a school or institution, and the dismissal of the school director.

While working on bills in the committee, its majority decided that the parliamentary bill would lead to the presidential draft, and it was the provisions of the parliamentary bill on the activities of organizations and associations in schools and kindergartens that were included in a draft approved by the Education Commission.

According to the bill presented by PiS MPs, the opinions of the school / institution council or the parents’ council should be preceded by consultations that it conducts among parents. The method of conducting consultations is determined by the Council in its list of activities. Only after consultation, the council will be able to give its opinion. The powers of the council will be expanded to include monitoring the activities of an association or organization in the school and reporting them to parents.

Regardless, no later than two months before the start of classes, the director has to hand over to the educational supervisor the materials used by the association or organization to implement the curricula and the positive opinion of the council. The curator will have 30 days to issue an opinion, however, failure to express an opinion within this period will be considered as a positive opinion. The opinion of the conduct officer will be decisive as to whether a particular organization or association will be able to conduct lessons in a school or kindergarten. The opinion of the educational supervisor will not be required only in the case of classes that are organized and conducted as part of the assigned tasks in the field of government administration, carried out by the National Center for the Prevention of Addiction or by a Scout Organization under Honor. Protectorate of the President of the Republic of Poland.

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Student participation in classes organized by associations or organizations It will also require written consent from the parents of the minor student or the consent of the adult student himself.

While working on the project, the committee made adjustments to it. All of them have been reported by PiS and are related to homeschooling.

Currently, according to the law, each of the parents may apply for consent to conduct home education for their children, both in terms of school education and in the scope of the mandatory preparation of preschool, that is, kindergarten. Children are formally assigned to a particular school or kindergarten. They learn at home, using the various forms of support provided by the institution. At the end of each academic year at the school that sponsors them, they pass the exams which are the basis for classification and promotion to the next grade. They receive the same certificates as the students who attend this school, and they also have school IDs. Consent to conduct home education is issued by the director of the kindergarten, primary and secondary school, respectively, to which the child has been accepted and is officially assigned to this school or facility.

The original version of the parliamentary draft was intended to restore the previously working solution, according to which the child must be assigned to a school or facility located in the area where he lives. This solution was in effect from 2017 to June 30, 2021. According to the amendment to the project submitted by the Education Committee, the school to which the child is officially assigned will be allowed to exist not only in the district in which the child lives, but also in the neighboring district.

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As per the Rep Bill, A parent’s application for consent to conduct homeschooling for their child can only be submitted by the parents between September 1 and September 21, and not – as before – at any time. The commission has extended the application deadline – parents will be able to submit it between July 1 and September 21. The commission also introduced an amendment that deletes from the original draft provisions that impose conditions on the school that it must meet in order to obtain students in home education.

Source:, PAP

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