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Peter J. Lucas. Jackal from “Keller”. Who is the actor? Most important films and roles

Peter J. Lucas.  Jackal from "Keller".  Who is the actor?  Most important films and roles

  • Piotr Andrzejewski was born on June 2, 1962 in Września
  • Graduated from Poznan University of Technology and Song Vocational School in Poznan. He sang in his youth, played the accordion, and won prizes at student festivals
  • In 1987, he left Poland for England, and then to Hollywood, where he gained fame and starred in important films. It has also been cast by Polish filmmakers in many famous productions
  • Marriage to an American millionaire provided him with a high quality life, however, he had to say goodbye to it when he entered into a relationship with a Polish producer
  • The 60-year-old actor does not intend to dwell on his career achievements and plans to return to American cinema
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Piotr Andrzejewski is almost a naturalist: he is an engineer who specializes in … combine harvesters, but after studying at the Pozna University of Technology, he also graduated from the study of professional songs. His calling, however, was working. He debuted in 1984 at Teatr Wielki in Poznan. Stanislav Muniuszko. Three years later, he was awarded the 3rd Polish radio program award at Stage Songs Review in Wroclaw.

In 1987, he went to “Sachs” – he went to England, where he appeared in a series of commercials, and from there he went to movie heaven. In Hollywood, he initially worked only as an extra and double for actors during rehearsals for light and sound. He earned some extra money as a courier, polished his English and took acting lessons.

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He said in an interview with the site

Better and better shows have emerged over time. He starred in famous series such as “Sunny Patrol” and “Gage”. Bureau of Military Investigation, “ER”, “Agent with a Hundred Faces”, “Written: Murder”, “Night Patrol” or “Texas Ranger”. In 1996, Peter Lucas played a Russian reporter On “Independence Day” by Roland Emmerich. as appeared in David Lynch In the surreal “Inland Empire” from 2006, partly located in Poland.

In 1991, he married a fashion designer, clothing company owner, and millionaire, Elke Lesso. Peter J. Lucas began to live a luxurious life and was able to fully devote himself to acting.

Peter J. Lukas in Polish cinema

Peter J. Lukas also received offers from Polish filmmakers. In the comedy by Julius Macholsky “Kiler-s 2” Since 1999, he has played Szakal, a contract killer from the United States hired by Stefan “Siara” Siarzewski (played by Janusz Rewiński) to kill Jurek Kiler. He also played Andrzej “Andre” Kostynowicz, the main role in the thriller “The Last Mission” by Wojciech Wójcik from 1999, as well as in several series, including. “For good or for evil”, “officers”, “life itself”.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

He lost his marriage and lavish life, and acquired a new family

In 2006, an actor He became a participant in the fourth edition of “Dancing with the Stars”.. Lucas danced, with Dominica Koplik, in the final, and finally finished second (first place went to Kingga Rusin). On the set of the program, the actor fell in love with the producer of the show Agnieszka Koniecka. In 2007, the couple gave birth to their son Alexander.

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An affair in Poland marked the end of a marriage in America. Elk Lisu did not forgive her husband for treason and asked for a divorce. He turned his luxurious life in a residence on the Gulf of Mexico into a life in Poland near Warsaw.

Photo: VIPHOTO / EAST NEWS / East News

Agnieszka Koniecka and Peter Lucas in 2011

Lucas also had to deal with losing movie proposals. It has not regained its place in the American market to this day, and is now 60 years old. However, he asserts, he has not yet said the last word, and although the pandemic has postponed his plans, he himself has not abandoned them.

“My family’s situation is so well organized that I’ll remind myself of the American market. Business in Poland is guided by strange rules that I don’t quite understand. Hollywood, despite the great competition, has been way kinder to me. In the actors’ union of more than 90,000 actors, I managed than finding my place there. I have been cast, and accepted, and here I cannot quite find myself” The actor added in an interview with the service

Photo: Damien Kalamka/East News

Peter J. Lucas in 2016


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