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Peter Korowsky is dead. The circumstances of the player’s death appear

Peter Korowsky is dead.  The circumstances of the player's death appear

On Tuesday, the media heard the news of the death of Piotr Korovsky, a Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter and jiu-jitsu fighter. His coach and friend revealed the circumstances of the tragedy in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

Artur Mazur

Kurowski during the fighting at Wotore gala

YouTube/Water. Official / Kurovsky during the fighting at Wotore gala

News of the death of “Korba” appeared, on Tuesday, on social media. Apart from the dry information, no direct causes were given for the sudden death of the 36-year-old man. However, there are many conflicting theories behind the scenes.

According to one of them, Piotr Kurowski was supposed to be beaten, as a result of which he fell into a coma. There is even a video clip circulating on social networks, showing the murder of several men in defenseless Korovsky.

– Such a beating happened already in Warsaw – says Kamil Uminsky from the Alligatores Club, where Kurovsky trained. – Piotrek was attacked by many attackers, but the authenticity of this recording in my opinion is very doubtful.

The experienced coach also adds that the accident was not directly related to the death of his friend.

– I contacted Butrek after he was beaten. This incident did not have serious consequences. Soon, Butyrk, as usual, left for Tri-City, where he worked as a target in one of the clubs – explains Umiński.

It was there that the fatal accident occurred, as a result of which “Korba” was seriously injured.

– I don’t know the exact circumstances, but I do know that he suffered severe head injuries as a result of an unfortunate fall. The ambulance picked him up. They were so serious that the doctors put him in a coma. When he woke up, his condition was still horrific. That is why he fell into a coma again, unfortunately his heart could not stand it – says Uminsky and adds that this case is under investigation.

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The capital’s Alligators Club and the martial arts community are shocked by the death of their colleague. – This is a huge loss for the entire martial arts community. A competitor who was a multimedia player for different types of grappling competitions died. He had nearly a hundred medals to his credit – Umiński’s rolls.

In addition to fights in wrestling, Kurowski fights three professional MMA fights to his credit. However, he did not win in mixed martial arts. But Kurowski showed himself not only as a player. He was a well-known person among the fans of Legia. According to Uminsky, it was created for combat sports.

– He was so cuddly both on and off the rug. It was our spell. He always positively confuses himself wherever he goes. He never left needy friends. Everyone knows the story when he lost his ear while defending his friend from three attackers. He had a personality, he never let go and could always be relied upon. We’ll miss you, Korba – you ended up touching Uminsky.

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