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Pfizer begins exporting Govt-19 vaccines manufactured in the United States; Mexico will receive first

War Carl O’Donnell


The volume of vaccines manufactured at the Pfizer unit in Kalamazoo, Michigan, expires at the end of March, indicating that the pharmaceutical manufacturer has shipped them overseas from US headquarters.

The U.S. government has been pushing in recent weeks to provide surplus vaccines to other countries in need, while making rapid progress in vaccinating its own citizens. Many countries affected by the virus are still struggling to get vaccines to help control the epidemic.

Pfizer has so far shipped more than 10 million copies to Mexico, the largest vaccine supplier of Covid-19.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health announced this week that it had received 2 million doses of Pfizer.

Pfizer is developing its vaccine against Covit-19 in collaboration with German Bioendech.

(Report by Carl O’Donnell in New York; Alison Martell in Toronto and Adriana Pereira in Mexico)

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