October 18, 2021

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Pfizer / Bioentech to produce 500 million doses of vaccine against Govt by 2021 | Vaccine

German laboratory Bioendech on Tuesday (30) announced that it wants to produce up to 2.5 billion doses of its vaccine against the Covit-19 vaccine developed with the US company Pfizer – which represents 500 million doses or 25% more than initially announced.

The announcement comes after Brazil’s health minister, Marcelo Guerrero Ask Pfizer to expect to deliver 50 million volumes. The country has purchased 100 million doses of the drug, the first coming between April and May, the government said..

The German company says the capacity should be increased due to the expansion of the production network and the improvement of production processes, with the approval of the recall of six volumes from one bottle (instead of five).

By March 23, Biotech said he and Pfizer had delivered the “over 200 million dose” vaccine against Covit-19 worldwide.

Drugs already have orders for 1.4 billion doses this year, but Bioentech said it expects “demand to increase”.

What vaccine is this? Pfizer Biotech

The company received approval last week for a new dose production site in Marburg, Germany, which is expected to produce 250 million vaccines in the first half of the year – and the capacity could reach one billion a year.

The Marburg plant, 100 km from Frankfurt, will be the second manufacturing facility for the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine in Europe.

Pfizer was vaccinated First recognized in the UK (December 2), America to us (December 13) and In the European Union (December 21).

It is currently used in “more than 65 countries and regions,” said Ukhur Sahin, chairman and co-founder of Bioendech.

“We are already seeing the first signs of the fall of Govt-19 cases and deaths in many countries,” says Sahin. Laboratories are now working on research on corona virus types and additional clinical trials, For use in children and adolescents.

Second to Bioentech, The vaccine against Govit-19 has already allowed the German company to make an annual profit of .2 15.2 million by 2020. (More than R $ 100 million), which translates into a loss of 179.2 million euros in 2019 (more than R $ 1.2 billion at current prices).

The company expects total revenue of 9. 9.8 billion from contracts already signed, more than $ 66 billion.

Bioentech spent 64 645 million on research last year (more than R $ 4.3 billion), a sharp increase due to the development of a new corona virus vaccine.

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