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Pharmacist, podiatrist and masseur – learn these and other professions at Ostruka

Pharmacist, podiatrist and masseur - learn these and other professions at Ostruka

In order to meet the needs of the labor market and interest in medical professions, the Center for Professional and Continuing Education, also known as Medic in Ostrołęka, enrolls in the following fields of study:

  • Pharmacist Technician heresy (2.5 years)
  • podiatrist heresy (Two years)
  • Teeth health heresy (Two years)
  • masseur technician (Two years)
  • Beauty Service Technician (Two years)
  • medical sterilization technician (One year)

· dental assistant (One year)

  • medical guardian (1.5 years)
  • Occupational therapist (Two years)
  • safety techniques (1.5 years)

Education is completely free and lasts a maximum of two and a half years, and in some professions only one year. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain qualifications and a practical profession that are in demand in the market in a short time. Education takes place on a day, evening or outside walls basis. After graduating from school, graduates receive a school leaving certificate, and after passing a professional examination organized by the District Examination Board, EUROPASS diploma with supplement in Polish and English.

Anyone, regardless of age, can become a CKZiU listener. A high school diploma is sufficient, The Matura exam is not required. It should be emphasized that people over 50 years of age have the same chances of improving their qualifications as their younger colleagues.

Familiarity with the profession in real working conditions is facilitated by residency in apprenticeships organized by schools in medical facilities such as hospitals, beauty salons, etc.

What else sets CKZiU apart?

1. faculty of school

The teachers working at the center are friendly professionals with extensive professional experience, constantly improving their qualifications during courses and training. Among the faculty there are examinees from the Regional Examinations Committee.

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2. Attractive fields of study and courses

As the only high school in Ostrołęka and poviat, Ostrołęcki Medyk offers attractive and unique medical faculties related to human health and life. Students studying at CKZiU are provided with paid apprenticeships and internships, thanks to which they gain valuable and in-demand professional experience in the current labor market during the education process. Moreover, the school offers participation in additional courses (such as qualification courses), which significantly increases opportunities in the labor market.

3. innovative education

Curricula are expanded with pedagogical innovations. As a result, the school adapts to a dynamic labor market, giving students the opportunity to take part in innovative projects, thanks to which they acquire new skills, to become professionals in their field. Moreover, students often choose the option to combine education in two fields and get more than one qualification in a short time!

4. Systematic retrofitting of the educational base

CKZiU is constantly enriching its educational base by participating in innovative projects or by purchasing the latest professional equipment. (eg for laboratories of autopsy, first aid, sterilization, massage and cosmetics).

Also of note is the fact that there is a library that is rich in equipment and brimming with medical books.

The school also has a gym, sign language room, fitness room, free parking, and bathrooms with showers (used during hot chocolate massages or beauty treatments).

5. CKZiU is an examination center.

This means that students pass government vocational exams in schools and laboratories where they have prepared themselves throughout the entire education period. Passing exams in a home institution improves psychological comfort and reduces exam stress.

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6. Adequate education system

Learning at the center takes place through a system that allows you to work or study at the same time. Most importantly, the groups are very diverse in age, which gives a wonderful and unique opportunity to share different experiences and perspectives on the same issue.

Recruitment continues!

more information:

professional training centre

And continue to Ostruka Tel: 29764 66 37

water. bless 6 Email [email protected]

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