October 21, 2021

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Pi changes in Android Auto.  Google is making a big update

Pi changes in Android Auto. Google is making a big update

The latest version of Android Auto 6.9 app to connect phone to car multimedia has appeared on Google Play Store. It has been equipped with many new features and more announcements to be launched soon. Some of them are very interesting

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New wallpapers with auto rotation

Not everyone knows about it, but for several months now, in the settings of Android Auto, you can change the background wallpapers of the application. This can be done in the interface settings in the car. Until recently, there were 15 different wallpapers selected by Google to choose from. You can’t complete the list with your own photos yet, but there are three new backgrounds and one more thing.

The coders from the XDA Developers Forum did some research into the program’s source code and found the auto-change feature that wasn’t activated yet. It can happen from time to time in the form of a so-called slide show, or depending on the time of day, location and other factors. Unlike themes, it is important to change the appearance of the screen. It will allow you to revive the interior of cars in which we spend a lot of time.

New background styles in Android AutoNew background styles in Android Auto come in. XDA Developers

Ability to turn the application on and off manually

Another novelty that will be launched soon is the ability to choose how the application will be launched after connecting to the car in the settings. Until now, it was dependent on the vehicle manufacturer and performed either automatically or after confirmation by the user. Soon we will be able to decide for ourselves whether we want Android Auto to start automatically every time, or only do it manually when we want it to Uses.

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Android Auto works well with dual SIM phones

Owners of phones with a dual SIM card slot know very well that the front of the car does not allow them to choose the phone number associated with the card they want to use. In version 6.9, this bug has been fixed. Support for dual SIM phones should work whether they are physical or virtual cards, and these devices are automatically identified by Android Auto.

Yanosik and Android AutoJanusic in Android Auto. Google opens the popular app in Poland

Android Auto will adapt to left and right traffic

Until now, owners of right-hand drive cars had to slightly reach the screen. This was a particular problem with widescreen displays that Android Auto didn’t fully fill.

Now that has changed. Google announced that the interface will adapt to the type of vehicle. This applies to both wide screens, as Android Auto will go to the appropriate page, and the screen buttons used to operate it. The process is completely automatic and does not require any user intervention.

Android AutoAndroid Auto come in. Alps

Pay at gas stations with Google Pay

We left the biggest attraction at the end. Partly because it’s based on the Google Maps app that came with Android Auto, and partly because it only works in the US at the moment. On the American continent, you can now pay for fuel at stations using your phone and its Google Pay feature.

At the moment this applies to some networks (Exxon, Mobil, soon Shell, Conoco, etc.) and it’s a pilot project, but it’s also very good news. As in the case of displaying fuel prices at stations in Google Maps, the cooperation of fuel companies is required, and this function appeared in Poland very quickly.

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At the moment, she is already working at several gas stations. It may be the same with remote payment. Soon we will be able to pay for fuel without leaving the car or even touching the phone.

You’ll be able to use the Google Assistant to do this and just say, “Hey Google, pay for fuel.” Then enter the distributor number. The rest will happen automatically, but we still have to get out of the car to put the gun in the fuel tank. Google doesn’t say anything about optimization and this feature, but the company’s knowledge of Mountain View, is also being worked on.

Android Auto 2019The end of Android Auto on phones. Instead, there will be a driving mode. ‘It’s a natural progression’

As usual with Android Auto, the update process varies by phone and Android number. On versions 6 to 10, it requires the Android Auto app to be installed or updated. In Poland, you have to install it manually. In version 10 and above, Android Auto is part of the system, we just need to keep it updated.

Android Auto 2019Android Auto 2019 Foot. google browser