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Piotr Fronczewski was forced to resign from his role in the TVP series. Heart refused to obey – Super Express

Piotr Fronczewski was forced to resign from his role in the TVP series.  Heart refused to obey - Super Express

Author: Akpa
Piotr Fronczewski can’t work through a sick heart

It was meant to be his brilliant return to the glass screen. The script was ready and the shooting dates were already in place. Unfortunately, illness at the last moment frustrated the plans of Piotr Fronczewski (76). As “Super Express” found out, the actor had to join the permanent cast of the TVP 1 series “Leśniczówka”. However, the old heart problems had already responded and the dates had to be changed.

At the beginning of March Piotr Fronczewski He will appear on TVP’s production set. However, this did not happen. As we proved – due to the deterioration of his health, he could not participate in the photos. – All plans relating to Mr. Peter have been suspended. We don’t know when he will be on set. The situation is dynamic – the productive person tells us, assures that it is in fact a deteriorating state of health.

It’s no secret that the actor has been there for a long time heart problems. Three years ago he fainted in the cinema … – I was aware of my arrhythmia, I did not have seizures at that time. I went to the cinema. I was watching a movie and suddenly something happened. But it was completely different than before. I didn’t know where my heart would jump. I left the cinema, got in my car and started driving to the hospital. If possible, a little on the grass, a little on the tracks – he said later.

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The doctors decided to perform an ablation, that is, damage to the heart current in the place where the arrhythmia occurs. The procedure was performed twice. But this did not help for a long time, and surgery was necessary to implant the valve.

It looks like Fronczewski was getting back into shape. He got involved with work on the new “Mr. Clix Academy”, and had a role in “Forrester”. – He would like to return to work, but is too weak for that – says someone around him.

The last television production with the participation of Fronczewski is the series “In the Rhythm of the Heart” from 2020.

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