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Piotr Kraśko will remember this day for a long time! There was a great tragedy in the house!

Piotr Kraśko will remember this day for a long time!  There was a great tragedy in the house!

Piotr Kraśko in his worst dreams could not foresee how his birthday would turn out. According to a tabloid, there was a real drama on their Masurian possessions…

Piotr Kraśko is a passionate racer, so it’s no wonder that he spends every spare moment in Masuria, where his wife’s family home and famous stud are located.

Many stars who like to show themselves at local equestrian competitions eagerly come to Gałków.

Gwiazdor also organizes his birthday there, because it is hard to imagine a better place for big parties.

It is a family tradition that they have been raising for years. As “Super Express” reminds us, there was tragedy during one of these events.

In conjunction with Piotr’s birthday, a contest was organized in Gałków. A real drama occurred during the tournament.

“One element of the competition was breaking the world record in the high jumps, which increased the rankings of the event. Emotions came to a head when the 20-year-old rider on the 16-year-old Carlon horse ‘entered the trial. Unfortunately, he overtook The rider in the distance The horse hit an obstacle and fell from a height The rider landed in the hospital Diagnosis – a concussion The horse was less fortunate – the fall resulted in a fracture of the spine, the hind legs were completely lethargic. The vets decided to put the animal to sleep. It did not finish This happily unfortunate day. For Krachka, who personally decided to stop the event. He will remember his fortieth birthday forever, unfortunately in a not very optimistic context ”- we read in the tabloid.

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Hopefully, such dramatic events won’t happen during Piotr’s upcoming birthday (July 11), although there is a lot of emotion. Let us remind you that Monica Richardson is coming to this party, with whom the journalist quarrels very badly, but after breaking up with Zbishek, she gave her a helping hand.

Perhaps the star will come to Gałków with his new lover?

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