July 28, 2021

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PKO Ekstraklasa.  This was the funeral of Stanisław Sitkowski

PKO Ekstraklasa. This was the funeral of Stanisław Sitkowski

For several decades, Stanislaw “Leon” Sktkowski participated in the matches of Górnik Zabrze, which were held on the stadium at ul. Roosevelt, he often also supported the team on trips. After every goal Guernick scored, he used the distinctive bell that could be heard all over the field.

The funeral of Stanislav Sitkowski was held on July 20. Following the church ceremony, crowds of supportive fans accompanied him on his final journey.

In his youth, Stanislav Sotkovsky was a famous athlete from Silesia, and Gornik was his beloved team. During the matches, he was perfectly audible after the goals scored by the Zabrazi, while after the matches the best footballers handed the famous roosters. He has also been associated with driving around town with raised windshield wipers, which has also become his trademark.

Unfortunately, we confirm this tragic news. On the same day he was in our club, as usual … He went to the mail, spoke, and said that he was waiting for the team to return from the training camp – said the head of Gornik, Dariush Chernik.

The famous fan’s funeral was held on Tuesday, July 20. Stanislav “Leon” Stkowski has died at the age of 82.

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