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Planet Bus from the Copernicus Science Center will visit the Bochnia region with deaths

Planet Bus from the Copernicus Science Center will visit the Bochnia region with deaths

On November 17 and 18, Planetobus Public Primary School will be hosting. Saint Jadwiga the Queen of Rzezawa.

For two days, students will be able to participate in free planetarium shows. In addition, they will be able to use the interactive exhibits on their own, as well as ask questions and experiment with teachers from the Copernicus Science Center, and discover the secrets of space. Classes with the Mobile Planetarium are part of the Science for You program – a joint initiative of the Copernican Science Center and the Minister of Education and Science.

Do they wear hats in space?

The Copernican Planetarium in Rzeszawa
To feel like an astronomer, just raise your head and look at the sky. What do the most famous constellations look like? Where do you look for it? Is it worth it? There is a chance to find out! The school year has begun, so Planetobus of the Copernicus Science Center with a mobile planetarium on board is traversing Poland again across and alongside students to meet students. And so, on November 17 and 18, he will appear in the public elementary school. The Queen of St. Jadwiga in Rzezawa, Bushnia, Poviat.

We can all be astronomers!
The Planetobus team will encourage you to do so, because astronomy is a fascinating and easily accessible field of science. No special equipment is needed to observe the sky. It is enough to go to a dark place on a clear evening, look up and focus your eyes. Special smartphone apps are also useful to help identify specific stars and other things. All participants in the free mobile planetarium shows will receive a “Guide to Young Scientist – Planetobus”, filled with astronomical curiosity, information about stars and planets, and experiments that can be done at home.

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What does the planet bring?
The mobile planetarium, which travels on the planet, is a large tent with a dome-shaped roof with a diameter of 5 meters. It can accommodate about 30 people inside. On the semicircular “ceiling”, viewers watch astronomical performances conducted live by two teachers from the Copernican Science Center. On a bright day, they will see a sky full of stars, and they will learn about the most interesting and currently visible constellations in the sky. Students will see the Sombrero Galaxy, among other things.

science differently
Why is mobile gallery so interesting? Allows you to see the sexy face of the flag. These are not ordinary lessons in biology, chemistry, physics or computer science, but they are full of surprises and self-discovery of the laws that govern the world. The exhibits provide an opportunity to expand knowledge and have fun – teachers from the Copernican Science Center help to understand the principles of their operation and present the scientific phenomena on display.

The joint program of the Minister of Education and Science and the Copernicus Science Center called Science for You is funded under a grant from the Minister of Education and Science on the basis of the March 6, 2020 Agreement No. 1 / CNK-NAUKOBUS / 2020. As part of the Science for You program, the activities “Naukobus” and ” Planetobus” as well as online classes.

Photo by Piotr Molędzki / Copernicus Science Center.

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