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PlayStation Plus Premium – Is it worth it or not? What’s the point of spending $400?

PlayStation Plus Premium - Is it worth it or not?  What's the point of spending $400?

Sony is appreciated. We don’t know that from today. The PlayStation manufacturer surprises us at every possible opportunity. The announcement of an advanced controller or the next generation of virtual reality glasses causes a slight heart palpitation. To get new tools, let’s count on spending more than four thousand zlotys. Provided that store offers with pre-orders do not fly yet. Sony is also appreciated in the light of its subscription services. Currently, customers are offered three options – Essential, Extra and Premium, which is the “richest” package. Is it worth investing in the latter alternative? What are the benefits associated with it and, above all, does the manufacturer supplement the catalog correctly?

PlayStation Plus Premium launches on June 22nd, this year. For many gamers, the launch of the service turned out to be a celebration comparable to the launch of the Polish Disney + offer. What did this hybrid version of the service say? Nostalgia for the past. As part of the package, Sony released classic gems from the first PlayStation era, which immediately caught the attention of veterans. Backward compatibility has become a bargaining chip in the recent Xbox One era, when Microsoft explained how to deal with older titles that gamers longed to return to on a regular basis. In fact, the premium package combines the standard “Plus” features with PlayStation Now, a streaming-based service. Yes, it was very nice to play the classic FEAR session with the help of broadcasting. It is a pity that this is only in this configuration.

“You pay for quality”

The price of over PLN 400 for access to the Premium catalog for a year is prohibitively expensive, if we compare the amount with the competitive Xbox Game Pass. At the same time, Sony’s policy does not fully respect competitive approaches. Yes, on the day of the premiere, an interesting film, set in a dystopian future, Stray, with a cat in the main role, was added to the service. But for now, it won’t be much more than that. An example from September, when The Last of Us: Part I hit the market. I’ll skip the issue of the game’s wildly inflated price, because here we’re talking about rebuilding the mechanics of the sequel rather than the work of a giant developer. In short, it was not a very complex project, but the brand is very much appreciated in the world of media and gamers. In the scenario when information about the planned premiere of TLoU also gets into circulation in the Premium variant – the number of subscribers will increase at an exponential rate. At the same time, no one forbids you to purchase a boxed version of the game. The more choice, the better.

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Jim Ryan seems fond of promoting an anti-consumer stance. The company has not yet included The Last of Us: Part II in the Premium catalog. What really stands in the way of adding blockbusters? Microsoft has not seen any problem in this context for years. Sony is notorious for its greed, but at the moment the company is making huge profits across all branches of PlayStation. It is a pity that the company did not decide to supplement the catalog with new releases. God of War: Ragnarok on launch day? This even on electronic paper seems unreal, although it could be otherwise. We must get used to such practices. However, a good move is the ability to enrich the subscription until it expires, for example, with the standard PS Plus. We will pay relatively cheaper, and the question is whether we will be able to beat these hundreds of titles.

I don’t buy the most numerous supply from a particular manufacturer. The devil is in quality, not quantityMicrosoft released the hugely successful The Pentiment, which advertised the title very well. If the item wasn’t on the Xbox Game Pass menu, far fewer users would pay attention to it. Yes, 700 or 800 games to check out are enticing to the senses, but they often generate a backlog. You start playing a certain title, and you want to check out the next one in a moment. And that’s the way it goes. My humble attention was drawn to the prism of the classics. Resident Evil Trilogy Award-Backed? I’m still waiting for the rest of the series to arrive. Mining platinum in RE2 or RE3 is a beautiful journey through time. Retro addicts will find themselves in a beautiful historical catalog, because this experience is more interesting in the context of profane, under the name of PS Classic. Don’t go there without a USB drive.

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Not just retro


We love retro, sure. Sometimes, however, the anniversary can be disappointing when we released a title decades ago. So it’s a shame that Sony isn’t really keen on improving the quality of the classics. He hardly cares more. But that’s it. So what do we currently offer? Devil’s Souls, The Return, The Ghost of Tsushima Exit Wounds, and The Death of Stranding. For starters, the fun is endless. The Premium package gains a lot of value when we have the PlayStation 5 model. It is well known that the prices of individual games in the PS Store are disgusting. For new users, the prospect of spending PLN 400 on an annual subscription turned out to be more attractive than buying non-promotional games. In the PS Store, only promotions save the day. I never got a title from full price digital distribution, just in various promotions. Currently, it’s worth taking a look at the November savings.

Let’s try to answer a question posted today. On the other hand, the manufacturer asks for a rather serious amount for the enriched catalog. There is also the issue of not having an expiration annotation for a particular game in the offer. This practice has been going on for some time and the PlayStation Blog is often the only source of information. You know, not everyone goes there. Perhaps Sony will consider this topic for improvement in the near future. In the meantime, what do you think – is it worth it or not? I’m not a gamer who embraces all new versions at once. Life accelerated, the world accelerated. In my view, PS Plus Premium is already too much of a buildup, and I just can’t handle it. I probably would have sung differently if Sony’s first party headlines were here on release day. I don’t think I just.

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