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PLN 20 is enough to fool the fingerprint reader

The security of access to smartphones, laptops, and other devices often relies on fingerprint readers. Unfortunately, very often it turns out that such solutions leave much to be desired and that it is enough to break them by PLN 20.


A fingerprint reader may be associated with security, but it’s an illusion. Kraken Security Labs has shown that breaking this Safety It is very easy, the costs do not exceed 20 PLN. All you need is access to a printer, acetate film and wood glue, then a little bit of preparation.

Hacking fingerprint readers requires simple steps

First you need to get a fingerprint, which, contrary to appearances, is also not very difficult. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that we leave fingerprints on a large number of surfaces every day. It is enough to take a picture of the screen of the touched screen, the glass or, for example, the door handle (there are many possibilities).

Later, you need to cast the image into a graphics program and get a negative from it. Kraken Security Labs experts estimate that about an hour of treatment is sufficient to obtain satisfactory results. The next step is to use a laser printer and print an impression on acetate film.


You will also need wood glue, just enough to apply and evenly distribute it over the surface with the printed fingerprint. In this way, you can have an effective cheat tool Fingerprint ReadersJust showing off her abilities is annoying.

Fingerprint reader has many drawbacks

Fingerprint readers in phones often don’t require scanning the entire fingertips, and the algorithms are based on various running shortcuts. Because of these kinds of flaws and compromises, there can be hundreds of random people who are able to unlock our phone. More on this in the article on Disadvantages of fingerprint reader.

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