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Podolak mocked Putin’s decision on the new naval doctrine

Podolak mocked Putin's decision on the new naval doctrine

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday Approved a new naval doctrine for the Russian Federation. The document indicates threats to the country and important areas that affect the country’s development.

The ceremony for the signing of decrees defining new goals and tasks of the Russian Navy was held in the building of the State Historical Museum in St. Petersburg in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

One of the main threats mentioned in the document is the “global influence of the United States.” Russia’s goal, in turn, is “the domination of the periphery of the world.” The doctrine also notes “the willingness of the United States and its allies to restrict the Russian Federation’s access to important global ocean resources and shipping routes.”

The territorial “claims” of many countries against the Russian Federation in relation to the Russian coastal and island areas were identified as another threat. It also takes into account the future expansion of NATO, that is, the entry of Sweden and Finland into the bloc.

Ukraine’s reaction to the new doctrine

Mikhailo Podolak, adviser to the head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, indicated Russia’s plans. The politician did it in a scathing way.

“A country afraid of a parade in the Black Sea announces a path to domination of the world ocean? Russia has lost 15 ships in Ukraine since February 24, including the cruiser “Moscow”. There is no navy. Perhaps it would be better to immediately determine the course of “Liberation of Atlantis” ?” – Podolak wrote on Twitter.

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The Russians lose Moscow.

On April 14, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed Missile cruiser “Moscow” sunk – Major of the Black Sea Fleet, who participated in the invasion of Ukraine. The unit was damaged in a missile attack by the Ukrainian Neptune maneuver.

According to CNN and the New York Times, the attack on the cruiser “Moscow” was carried out thanks to US intelligence. The information was confirmed by several US officials.

The Ukrainians, seeing the Russian warship in the Black Sea, were asked to contact the Americans to ascertain whether it was really “Moscow”. The US had to say yes and provide information on the unit’s location.

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