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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a true evolution of the series. We checked the game and revealed the details

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a true evolution of the series.  We checked the game and revealed the details

Nintendo has chosen our editorial desk as the only medium from the region for the premiere of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. These are not specific impressions yet that will allow you to read our review, but I had the opportunity to see the game in action and received a series of details from representatives of the Japanese company that allow me to look forward to the upcoming premiere with more interest.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game changer

The latest installment in the Pokemon series, aimed exclusively at the Nintendo Switch, is not part of the main series that Game Freak has been developing for years. The developers decided to offer something new to the players and Pokemon Legends: Arceus was set in a new territory (Hisui), meaning “many years ago, in a bygone era”, when wild Pokemon and humans lived in “close harmony”. Players take on the role of members of the Galaxy Expedition team, a group of students who go to Hisui (later known as Sinnoh region) in order to collect all Pokemon – our task is to create the first Pokedex in history. After many years, we are finally not wearing the shoes of the young man who wants to become a Pokémon master – this is a major change that greatly affects the gameplay.

It’s an interesting decision because The main character will somehow deal with “catching everyone” And while previous parts of the series were full of players filling in Pokedex, this item (the cult “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”) is the main part of the game. It’s amazing that we have to wait so many years before catching Pokemon becomes the most important aspect of the game.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game changer - 2

Hisui is a fairly large area that offers a variety of biomes, but the developers have not forgotten about the regime of day and night and the changing weather. During the journey, players will encounter different types of pokemon, the behavior of which will now be presented much better – some do not mind the guy running next to them, others run away, and some start the attack.

It also turns out that crafting is very important throughout the game, Because now, as we wander through different areas, we encounter materials that we can use to create new items – even Pokeballs or Potions. In some situations, researchers will use the capabilities of their creatures, for example, use them to split a huge boulder or collect fruit from trees. The creators also thought about exploration itself and from some point in the story we will use the help of Pokemon – we can install them, use them to fly or move around water areas.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduces renewed combat

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game changer - 3

However, it is not in Pokemon Legends: Arceus There will be no duels. Now, however, we can run smoothly next to a Pokemon, and only when we call our assistant (we throw a Pokeball) will the action turn into a turn-based duel. The developers assure that everything happens in real time and I must admit that it sounds very nice. There were some changes in the engagement itself – Now, by choosing an attack, we can also specify if the Pokémon should increase Speed ​​(Aglite style) or Strength (Strong style). If you decide to use the latter, you will deal more damage, but … the attack will not be performed until the next turn. The creators suggest that the duels themselves should now be much more tactical, because the player will have to think about different actions – it is better to attack with a quick and weaker blow, up to 2-3 times or wait for a larger flying power? This element is a significant diversification of the game.

The binding itself definitely deserves attention here, because Pokemon Legends: Arceus It looks much better than its predecessors. The creators have changed the entire user interface for combat, as there is even a detailed timeline of “actions” – due to the fast and powerful attacks, we can now tell who and when attacking, because there may be situations where one of the pokemon will take care of a specific group by making some moves in front of the opponent. In addition, the player can gain an advantage when he gets close to an opponent and summons his Pokemon before he is noticed.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game changer - 4

The creation of the first Pokedex in history is also associated with capturing Pokemon, so players can use bonuses during the game, which the creature will then eat – in such a case, it is prone to capture. Of course, nothing prevents you from calling one of your comrades to the board, launching an attack, and then capturing an already weak opponent. What is important – In Pokemon Legends: Arceus catching Pokemon increases XP for the entire team. Thanks to this, we can focus on collecting new samples, yet our formation gains new levels of experience.

Participate Pokemon Legends: Arceus It happens in real time, so now even the trainer can be attacked by Pokemon – when we collect a lot of damage on the chest, the game stops and we have to go back to camp. We can’t talk about the typical “death” screen and “end-game” here, but the failure is tantamount to the loss of some previously obtained resource.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will feature bosses, cities, and costumes

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game changer - 7

While exploring the area, the Galaxy Expedition team uses small camps, where we can, for example, create items, but an important point in the whole game is the village of Jubilife. This is where we can buy items, but also receiving new “requests” – side quests are hidden under this name, Thanks to it we will help the inhabitants of the region and take care, for example, of catching a certain Pokemon, defeating a strong opponent, collecting the appropriate number of creatures or creating items. The creators also provided the opportunity to share the obtained samples with other players, but the details of the online duels are not confirmed at the moment.

In the city, we will also receive a number of services, and, for example, we will easily modify the appearance of the main character – we will choose a hair style or individual items of clothing. The game world is so big this time that during exploration we will have the opportunity to mark special places on the map to find out where we can find special Pokemons or simply find an important location.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a game changer - 5

During the game we will meet not only ordinary Pokemon, but also “Alpha” – in this case, they are much larger specimens, distinguished by glowing red eyes and powerful attacks. During the show, I got the impression that this is how the developers decided to put them in the position of bosses who, however, roam around the world and can make our lives difficult.

However, as it turns out Alpha Pokemon is not the biggest threat in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, because the game also includes “Noble Pokemon”. Under this name, special creatures are hidden, which are defined as a “strange phenomenon” – the player as a member of the Survery Corps will have the task of taming the samples, but in this case we can not talk about ordinary combat. Initially, the trainer must throw a special “balm” made from the opponent’s favorite food in order to lower his health bar and only at the right moment can we summon the Pokemon and start the fight – this process must be repeated several times in order to defeat the Noble Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a real evolution

creators Pokemon Legends: Arceus Change a lot of the game’s basics and the production could prove to be an excellent answer to the requests of fans who don’t just want to fight for new badges. The question remains, in principle, one – Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus provide the right challenge? I hope that the creators will finally provide us with duels that will not be just a formality, and the additional tactical element of the game will have a positive effect on the experience.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It wouldn’t be “another regular section of the series”, because the title suggests different assumptions and can be very interesting. It’s too early to make final judgments, but Another great game may appear on the Nintendo Switch, which is likely to turn into a new series.

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