July 28, 2021

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Pola Lis writes for "Przegląd Sportowy" and netizens are complaining about her next franchise.  Thomas Lees succinctly: "Get away from my daughter, Bolschwick Butaku"

Pola Lis writes for “Przegląd Sportowy” and netizens are complaining about her next franchise. Thomas Lees succinctly: “Get away from my daughter, Bolschwick Butaku”

Paula i Ega, Daughters Tomas is not I Kinga RosinDuring their short lives, they have amassed a number of experiences that their children of the same age can only dream of. Both had a good (and expensive) education, learned languages, and had the opportunity to live abroad. Parents have always supported them with emotions, which, by the way, are not the cheapest. Iga Lis tried her hand at modeling and Lech Wasa . interviewand Paula She tried to follow herself in the press. In 2016, she wrote a text about football, which was published on Onet, as part of the concern that publishes the weekly “Newsweek”, for which her father works, as it happened. The 25-year-old loves to express herself on political topics, filling in the popular saying “what will a serendipity suck when you are young, the more you slap it in old age”

Paula is not Another element can be added to the resume: At the end of June I started working with “Przegląd Sportowy”For anyone who has to write about football and tennis. As noted, so far it is just a collaboration, not a regular job, but in the future the situation may change: But Paula feels the sport, so I hope the cooperation will expand soon. Paula will also write and make videos mainly about soccer and tennis. We are glad that after receiving our offer, she wanted to try to prove herself in a typical sporting medium – Paula Bowie Woosick, Editor-in-Chief of “Brzeglide” praises

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It was Paula Les’ first appearance Interview with Magda Lynette, the second best Polish female tennis player, and it is also one of the leading sports in the world. Twitter users noticed it It’s truly an enviable debut: Paula, a girl from the street, immediately got the opportunity to work with the most popular sports medium in Poland. In addition, I spoke to Magda Lynette, who would prefer that this not be possible for the average intern. The quality of the interview has nothing to do with it, although Lisona’s conversation with Lynette was not the worst. It’s all about being able to workOnly some young people can dream of it, because no editorial office will present a beginner without an interview experience with a star. This is how successive generations of the elite are raised, no matter what privileges they are entitled to.

But Tomasz Lis did not understand the factual criticism and started on Twitter … Challenge others to similar notes: Stay away from my daughter, Bolshevik troublemaker (I enjoy paternal privilege). Do you enjoy a young ballerina in a duet with a PiS-owsko-kibolskim sitter? he asked, assuming his family was “disliked” by supporters of Law and Justice.


It is interesting that Paula herself spoke. The young journalist pleaded with netizens to judge her by her written texts, not her name: Please judge what I do, not who my parents are – She wrote and added that … a victim of malice.