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Poland – Hungary. Paulo Sousa explains the decision on Lewandowski | The. world Cup

Poland - Hungary.  Paulo Sousa explains the decision on Lewandowski |  The.  world Cup

– After a 1:1 goal, we were aiming for a second goal. We had control of the meeting, although we should have been more responsible. At one point, we lost our heads in the middle of the field. After the Hungarians got the ball back, the distance between the defenders and the rest of the players was too great. The defensive players were aloof, they ran towards the goals their opponents had used. Souza pointed out that no one was in front of the penalty area.

The Portuguese received a lot of questions about the absence of Robert Lewandowski. The captain of Biało-Czerwonych was given a day off. The decision is always made before the match, not after. I am not a man who is afraid of this. Robert and Kamel won’t play forever, we’ve prepared them for the future, and they have to gain experience. The goal was to qualify for the play-offs, and now I felt it was worth giving some of the other players a chance to take responsibility for the result and the team. Today, not everyone has shown the optimal shape – said Souza.

The moment comes when Roberta will not be with us, the rest must be able to cope without him. After the match and knowing the result, it is easy to talk about the decisions that were made before it. But I’m the number one leader and I deal with them, and I’m not afraid of them. We have to play better – Souza stressed. – It was a great opportunity for the band to grow. This is how they realized it, and left with this situation. “I take full responsibility for that,” he added.

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If we keep saying it’s too early for something, we’ll never give anyone a chance. We have to trust our players to make them take a step forward and gain experience at the same time. Again, I had made the same decision. Because I believe in all our players and from my point of view it was the right time to make this decision and not any other decision. It was a really important match for all of us, in many ways: to develop as a team without those players who did not play”, continued the Portuguese.

The defeat to Hungary meant that the seed’s chances in the final matches were greatly diminished. – It’s important, but I wanted to put the responsibility on the other players. We wanted to play the first match at home in front of our fans. Today they play with their hearts more than they play with their heads. They should handle the meeting better, get the job done. I wanted others to try to play a more serious role in the team – explained the Portuguese coach.

Souza also referred to the words of Marco Rossi. The Hungarian coach said that Bayern Munich will insist on the absence of Lewandowski. We make the decisions, not the clubs. Bayern Munich had nothing to do with Robert’s failure to play. Souza replied, I take responsibility.

What should Polish fans base their optimism on? I am optimistic and convinced that I made the right decision. I believe in players because we have shown our ability to beat any opponent: abroad or at home. Of course we would prefer to play at home, although that probably won’t be the case. We can probably make good representations, but we can hit Portugal or Italy in the second game anyway. We must be convinced of our abilities and skills, Souza said.

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The Portuguese was also asked about the whistles saying goodbye to our players for the first time in a long time – we are better than we showed today. The fans had the right to whistle and be frustrated with the result because they expected more. we too. Nobody was in great shape, nor did I – the coach of the Poles admitted.

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