September 22, 2021

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Poland is on its way to the G-20, but there are no hands to act.  Will Asian workers solve the problem?

Poland is on its way to the G-20, but there are no hands to act. Will Asian workers solve the problem?

Philip Fritz, author of the material published on Saturday in the online version of the German daily “the scientistHe writes about prosperity Economic activity in Poland, symbolized by the glass skyscrapers under construction in Warsaw, including the tallest building in the European Union – the 310-meter Warsaw Tower office building.

German journalist mentions Microsoft and Google’s investment plans, the strong position of Polish producers games Computer and the successes of Polish export-producing companies as well as a return to the path of economic growth.

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Hard time restaurants. “There are a lot of vacancies for which there is no answer.”

Poland on its way to the G20

“If the situation continues to develop in this direction, Poland may be among the 20 most important industrialized countries by the end of the 1920s. G20– Fritz predicts, noting that these plans may fail due to lack of hands work. According to estimates, in the next 20-30 years, Poland may have a shortage of five million workers, which is a huge challenge for a country of 38 million people.

in industry Construction and catering are already suffering from a shortage of staff. Foot The unemployment 3% and youth unemployment practically does not exist. Despite this, people from other EU countries do not come to Poland, although they are urgently looking for work.

“The Spaniards and Italians make up a small number of employees (in Poland) – said Adam Czerniak, economist” De Welt “of the Warsaw think tank Polityka Insight. From the point of view of southern Europeans, Poland is very far . profits lower than in Germany.

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Notification: The government is preparing a whip for the unvaccinated. You are not allowed to drink your coffee in a coffee shop

The Spaniards and Italians do not want to work in Poland

Czernyak points out the contrast between “the picture painted by the Polish authorities and the demand for foreign labour.” Poland is a country hostile to immigrants – Fritz explains and states that in 2015 the largest Polish parties competed with each other, which would take a tougher stance on refugees.

Polish politicians regularly denounce immigrants from the Middle East and warn about the alleged unsuccessful integration of immigrants in Germany.

In fact, Poland has long been a host country for immigrants. Czernyak said the Polish government has a liberal immigration policy towards people from Poland’s eastern neighbors. from war with Rouge ± In 2014, about two million Ukrainians came to Poland. There are also many Georgians and Belarusians. Poland hires doctors from Ukraine, IT specialists from Belarus – we read in Die Welt.

Mateusz Morawiecki during his visit to Staloa Wola, where he promoted the assumptions of the program The absurdities of the Polish system. The company will pay a health insurance premium to sell the car

The Ukrainians will not solve the problem

immigration From Eastern Europe will not solve the Polish problems – says Fritz. Ukrainians are increasingly choosing Germany as their destination. In addition, Ukrainian society is rapidly aging and the number of people of working age is decreasing.

Die Welt points out that Poland is also in an unfavorable demographic situation, and the female fertility rate (1.46) is one of the lowest in the European Union and is lower than in Germany (1.57). So far, no positive demographic impacts of the 500+ program are seen.

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Southeast Asia a blessing from heaven?

“The Polish government rejects immigration from the Middle East and Africa,” Czernyak explains. In his opinion, the Polish authorities believe that immigration from other directions and cultural areas can take place at a lower cost. Cultural aspects also play a role.

According to the expert, Poland can support immigration from Southeast Asia. However, there are no specific plans yet. Until its start, the pressure from the economy will increase – Die Welt predicts.

The article comes from the site German wave.