July 28, 2021

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Poland is the most important ally of the United States in the region

Poland is the most important ally of the United States in the region

President Andrzej Duda met with a delegation from the U.S. Congress that made it very clear that Poland is the United States’ most important ally in this part of the world, said Krzysztof Skersky, head of the International Policy Bureau in the president’s chancellor. Republic of Poland.

Washington supports three seas

President Andrzej Duda attends a two-day summit of three maritime initiatives in Bulgaria. On Friday, BPM leader Krzysztof Schkersky was asked about his views on the US side of the three maritime efforts on the first show of Polish radio.

Schkersky pointed out that US President Joe Biden delivered a speech during the summit on Thursday. According to the Presidential Secretary, this shows that “after the change of US administration, interest in the three seas on the other side of the Atlantic has been maintained.”

During the telegram, US President Joe Biden reaffirmed “strong US support for the three maritime efforts”, pointing out that it has extraordinary potential and will strengthen the security of the region, which will benefit the entire world.

America will be your trusted partner in every way

Biden insisted.

Skersky also said that President Andrzej Duda met with a group of a dozen U.S. congresses on Thursday. “Representatives of the Senate and House of Representatives from both political parties in the large delegation of Congress to the Summit of the Three Maritime Efforts”.

Politicians from both US parties there have made it very clear that Poland is America’s most important ally in this part of the world, and that Poland is America’s most important partner in both economic and security.

The minister said.

Coming to the eastern part of NATO, to the three seas, as part of the Polish-US cooperation, all we are doing today is strengthening the so-called recession, that is, resisting various external shocks and external threats.

Continued. He stressed that infrastructure is built specifically for energy.

In an interview with Congressmen yesterday, Congressmen in Poland today regarded Washington as the most important ally of the US parliamentary elite, with the United States as a key partner in this part of Europe and Poland over our entire region, the three seas or the eastern NATO side.

-he said.

Remember that Joe Biden was on the east side of NATO and at the peak of three maritime efforts. This is really a clear signal that Washington is sending today

He was marked.

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A great opportunity for our region

“We can transform our region into a hub of innovation throughout Europe,” said Minister Krzysztof Skersky on Polish radio “Signals of the Day.”

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The President spoke to the Minister about the rapid development of the three maritime initiatives.

The Three Cheese Initiative is one of the fastest growing efforts. (2) It is a strategic alliance with the twelve member states, the United States and Germany

he said.

According to Skersky, the Three Seas may have been the center of European discovery.

To transform this region into a development engine for Europe. (2) It has very clear objectives. (2) The region could become a hub of innovation throughout Europe, and thanks to these latter and measures

– he said.

Attack on three seas

Krzysztof Szczerski also recalled that when the formation of the Three Marine Initiatives was announced, there were many critical voices.

Initially, even in Poland, it was ridiculed very cruelly. Everyone who said this from the Polish opposition should apologize for these words today. (2) We have advanced the European development model, which proposes a period for post-disease

– He argued.

Correction of administrative code

In the Senate, President Krzysztof Szczerski said that during the work on the amendment of the administrative procedure, the communication vectors may have made a mistake because the representatives of other countries should listen to the Polish arguments and have no other choice. KPRP International Policy Bureau.

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Polish Radio Project I was asked on Friday about the amendment of the Code of Administrative Procedure, which was resolved by joint Senate committees on Wednesday: the legislature, human rights, legal and petitions, and works attended, among other things, by delegates. Israeli embassies.

Representatives of other countries did not fail to be invited to the debate in the Polish Parliament to hear the debate. Communication vectors in the Senate can only be wrong. It is not the Senate that needs to hear the representatives of other countries, but the representatives of other countries should listen to the arguments of Poland and be advised by Poland about this action, there is no other way

Evaluated by the Minister.

The situation is not bad, but the communication vector seems to be wrong

– Skersky repeats.

“It’s an internal matter,” he insisted.

The case does not concern international affairs, but matters within the purview of the Code of Administrative Procedure


This does not apply only to property matters, which are simply a general amendment, in accordance with the judgment, ordered by the Constitutional Tribunal headed by the Professor. (Andrzej) Rzepliński

He pointed out.

Szczerski stressed that the Polish parliament today is divided “between two different majorities.”

There is a discussion in Poland that democracy is fully developed and there is no need for any extraordinary action (to engage) in the work of the legislature because there are two chambers of parliament, there are two different majorities, everything is transparent, communication should only be the right direction

Aid Side Skersky.

The Joint Senate, Human Rights, Law and Petition Committees debated for nearly four hours on Wednesday in connection with an amendment to the Code of Administrative Procedure adopted in June, 30 years after the administration’s decision, against which it is unlikely to initiate action. Questioning, e.g. In the case of property confiscated several years ago. Accepting Seam’s amendment met with strong reaction from the Israeli side.

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During the committee meeting on Wednesday, the position on the amendment was presented, among others, to the allegations of Tal Ben-Ari Yalon of the Israeli embassy, ​​in which he expressed deep and serious concerns about the changes.

The administrative code amendment adopted by the SEZM stems from the need to amend the law in the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal six years ago. In May 2015, the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure in current terms – allowing a decision issued in gross violation of the law to be invalid, even dozens of years after this decision – are unconstitutional.

The amendment states that if 10 years have elapsed from the date of issuance or publication of such decision, such decision shall not be declared invalid if it has legal effect irreversible. In such a situation, however, it may be concluded that this decision was issued in violation of the law. On the other hand, if 30 years have elapsed from the date of issuance or publication of the decision, no action shall be taken to rescind the decision.

According to the amendment, the provisions in the new terms will apply to administrative matters not completed before the effective date of the amendment. In turn, actions initiated after 30 years from the date of issue of the issuance or termination and not completed before the date of enactment of the Act shall be terminated by the Act.

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