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Poland Sweden. Defeat Dariusz Szpakowski. Angry fans. Euro 2020

Poland Sweden.  Defeat Dariusz Szpakowski.  Angry fans.  Euro 2020

  • Dariusz Szbakovsky and Andrej Joskowiak comment on the last match of the Poles at Euro 2020
  • Some of the commentator’s behavior was disliked by netizens, and some wrote in social media about “Szpakovsky’s curse.”
  • TVP Sport director Marek Shkolnikovsky commented on the matter
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The dreams of the Polish fans about leaving Group E for Euro 2020, ended, as the Polish team lost the match against Slovakia 1: 2, drew 1-1 with Spain, and also lost to Sweden 2: 3.

Viewers had several accusations against Dariusz Szpakovsky who was commenting on the meeting. The journalist made a mistake several times, and the football fans who were watching the match did not lose him. They poured out their frustration on social media. Below we present some entries on Twitter (original spelling).

“Szpakowski, who analyzes the reasons for our defeat in the seventh minute of the match, is a new record,” wrote one netizen.

“Szpakowski said there was a goal. I believe him” – Ironically adding another crossbar under two crossbar by Robert Lewandowski.

“Szpakowski said 4 times that the Swedes got an extra 30 hours of rest. When I heard again that the Swedes had another 30 hours to reset, I would throw the TV away” – another viewer was frustrated.

“There is something in it. As Szpakowski comments, these are failures … the curse of Szpakowski” – he added.

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“Burning already bad score, badly burning Slovakia, Krechowiak, mistakes in defense. Within 90 minutes, Mr. Szpakowski simply made you not want to watch the upcoming matches. It’s really amazing killing the“ meeting with such a comment ”- argued the spectator.

“On another note. I understand that Dariusz Szbakovsky is a legend and that he only got one match with the Poles in the group stage. I also have no problem that he will comment on the final, because he deserves everything. But if we want to. We talk about everyone, then let him say goodbye.” – Added another internet user.

Another wrote, “Sorry, but Andrei Guskoviak and Dariusz Szpakovsky took away any emotions in this match. A killer comment. Just like our game in defense.”

“Every time Szpakowski mentions that the Swedes have another 30 hours to rest, somewhere in the world IKEA shuts down” – added another football fan.

“Mr. Szpakowski. He left for this retirement. You can’t listen to him…” – another fan wrote.

TVP Sport Manager Comments

TVP Sport director Marek Shkolnikovsky decided to take a closer look. “I watch all the matches, and I listen to and observe the commentators and experts. We have finished the group stage, it is time for conclusions in line with the philosophy of mes que un club. My job is to give TVP Sport viewers the best quality and I intend to uphold this commitment” – he wrote.

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“With all due respect, but you have to speak honestly with Mr. Szpakowski. I defended him all the time, but it really takes revenge from Heaven. You need to help Mr. Dariush as he spoils his legend,” Borek and Węgrzyn fiercely demand the final. Also Rafał Wolski. For as long as possible”, “If this match was commented on by Mr. Wolski or Borek, it would be a beautiful scene, great narration and great emotions right up to the last seconds. The track of the match was perfect for the commentators. Szpakowski and Juskowiak TRAGEDIA” – netizens commented on Marek’s entry Shkolnikovsky.

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