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Poland will get money from the European Union immediately. Millions of Euros will flow to us

Poland will get money from the European Union immediately.  Millions of Euros will flow to us

After the last plenary session European Parliament It agreed to redirect EU regional funds and asylum funds to EU countries providing shelter to people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. MEPs decided to provide additional support.

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Countries that have accepted refugees will receive financial assistance from the European Union

Parliament approved by 549 votes to 1, with 8 abstentions Spot issuance of approximately €3.4 billion (from €10 billion available) of the boxesEU reaction“And accelerating the access of EU governments to funds from these funds To pay for infrastructure, housing, equipment, employment, education, social inclusion, health care and childcare for refugees.

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The new rules will increase pre-funding for REACT-EU by 11%. Up to 15 percent for all EU countries. EU countries bordering Ukraine (Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) and those that have adopted the number Refugees from Ukraine Corresponding to more than 1 percent. its inhabitants (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Estonia), They can get 45 percent right away. Funds intended to recover aid without having to submit invoices.

Polish aid already costs billions

The United Nations refugee agency (UNCHR) reported that more than 4 million people have left Ukraine since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the vast majority of whom went to neighboring countries, including Poland.

Now the council must formally approve the bill. The regulation will enter into force the day after its publication.

According to the initial and estimated costs By the end of this year, Poland will spend more than 2.2 billion euros to help refugees from Ukraine, of which 1.6 billion euros will be for accommodation and basic refugee needs. In return, the costs of transporting refugees (to and from Poland) and humanitarian aid to Ukraine It is tentatively estimated at around 300 million euros. However, education and Medicare are not included in this cost pool.

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