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Pole bought a Tesla Model 3 and after a moment it started smelling of “dead rat”. After what he heard on the site, he grabbed his head

Pole bought a Tesla Model 3 and after a moment it started smelling of "dead rat".  After what he heard on the site, he grabbed his head

In one of the Polish newsgroups about Tesla Models 3 there is an entry in which the user complains about an unpleasant smell in the car. To the post’s writer’s surprise, others also admitted that they had a “dead mouse” smell. It turns out that the problem is global, and has been known for years, yet Elon Musk is not sure how to solve it.

Half a year ago, Mr. Wojtek picked up a new Tesla Model 3, but after two months an unpleasant smell appeared in the car. As he describes himself, the smell of a “dead rat” can be felt every time it rains. Soon it turned out that many people have a similar problem. “The car is from March this year, the smells appear since July” – Mr. Damien is complaining. “I have exactly the same thing – a car from March” – confirms Mr. Robert.

Why does Tesla Model 3 smell like?

Tesla customers began referring the matter to the Polish service of the American manufacturer. There, they had to receive an offer to replace cabin filters and clean air conditioning for the PLN 830 network. It is impossible to do this under warranty because it is an additional service according to Tesla. – writes Mr. Igor.

However, many people advise replacing cabin filters yourself. There is also a video guide on how to do this on YouTube (video below). Many people report that they immediately feel better. Some people suspect that filters get wet and rot when imported, and that the smell increases in intensity under certain weather conditions.

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nothing new

When trying to search for information, since anyone reports such issues, you can search material going back 3 years. It seems that Elon Musk has done nothing since at least 2019 to eliminate this smell problem. There are reports that in the United States, Tesla cleans the air conditioner for free. There it is treated as a repair under warranty because it is supposed to be a design defect.

Unfortunately, it will likely remain so, because Elon Musk only noted that sales are constantly growing. In 2021, the Tesla Model 3 has a good chance of becoming the first electric car with a battery in the history of the European Union, which will sell more than 100,000 within 12 months. Copied.

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