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Poles went to stores in search of articles for distance learning and stationary learning – Handel

Poles went to stores in search of articles for distance learning and stationary learning - Handel

Poles went to stores in search of articles for distance learning and hard learning

Vacations are the perfect time to plan expenses for the upcoming new school year. Parents, wanting to spread and reduce costs, are looking for attractive promotions for selected products already in the summer. Data from Listonic, one of the most popular apps for creating shopping lists in Poland, shows that in August 2020, 38.23% more Poles prepared lists of school items on an annual basis. This year, not only sheet standard elements are very popular, but also equipment that helps when learning at a distance.

Ready for distance learning

The popularity of in-demand products and the facilitation of online learning has been growing since the beginning of the pandemic. At that time, teachers eagerly supplied themselves with video conferencing equipment, while parents bought suitable computers for their children. This is evidenced, among other things, by the increased number of laptops added to Listonic’s shopping lists. In the first week of August 2020, their number increased by as much as 67.10% year on year. In the same period this year. Listonic analysts note more Increase – 22.22% yoy for computer keyboards, 9.06% yoy for laptops, and 6.33% yoy for monitors.

Despite the government’s decision to return children to school from September 1, it is difficult to predict whether new restrictions will be imposed this year. Everything depends on the further development of the epidemiological situation, which is why many parents prepare their children for stationary and distance learning. – Says Małgorzata Olczak, Head of Sales at Listonic.We noticed a similar trend last year. In July 2020, Poles added up to 55.36% more monitors and 48.78% more keyboards year on year to their shopping lists. A month later, bags of clothes and shoes (+66.84% compared to the previous year), backpacks and bags (+19.85% compared to the previous year), and sneakers and sports shoes (+39.17% compared to the previous year) appeared on the lists. In addition to fashion. For physical education classes (+48.82% per year) – Adds Małgorzata Olczak.

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Hopes for hard learning

However, this year’s preparations for the new school year are the best evidence that Poles hope to return their children to full-time education in the long term. For children, classrooms at school are associated with the need to buy a new one A backpack, sneakers, or a set of clothes for physical education classes. Poles used these products more than the same period last year – It increased by 9.70%, 20.83% and 43.90% year-on-year, respectively. Consumers also plan to purchase those items from the School Start Kit that will be required during both fixed and distance learning. Listonic data shows that in the first week of August this year. Notebooks (+17.04% YoY), pencils (+17.41% YoY), colored pencils and markers (+20.82% YoY) as well as paints and pads (+27, 93% YoY).


About Listonic:

Listonic is a mobile application for creating shopping lists, best-in-class according to Google Play users in Poland, the United States, Great Britain, France and Italy, as well as in 30 other countries around the world. It is also one of the most well-known Polish companies in the IT industry related to mobile applications and was founded in 2008 by three students from ód University of Technology. Listonic has won several awards and distinctions, including: One of the Leading Android Apps according to Google App of the Year 2013 according to T3 Magazine TNW Polish Startup Awards 2013 for Best Polish Mobile App Best App in the m-Commerce category in the Mobile Trends Contest Awards, one of the most innovative companies in business according to a summary, 2nd place in the Master Card competition for the best shopping app in Poland.

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