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Polina Krupska enjoyed Laura and Clara’s birthday party. You went mad at a wig, and Tosia? little princess

Polina Krupska enjoyed Laura and Clara's birthday party.  You went mad at a wig, and Tosia?  little princess

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Lura Lewandowska was born on May 6, 2020 when she was her older sister Clara May 4, 2017. This year I And Robert Lewandowski They decide to organize a party in a pink atmosphere for their girls’ garden party. The leitmotif was adored by the children’s fairy tale “The Land of Ice”.

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Polina Krupinska was reprimanded by Anya Lewandowska. It was about SMS

How does Chamber Heard live? We watch the “March of the Decade” heroine’s house.

From the report posted on Instagram, we can conclude that it was a party with the closest friends and family. Young They had separate tables with colorful cakes and snacks. There is a block of balloons on the “wall”. Clara and Laura wore short tulle shorts, and their mother wore loose-fitting pants and a jacket to match the color of the look.

Polina Krupinska and her daughter enjoyed the birthday of Clara and Laura Lewandowski

Lewandowski’s friends with their kids couldn’t be missing out on the party. She was on the guest list, among other things Polina Krupinska With my eldest daughter. Together with Martina Mirzoa and Anna Lewandowska, they took a selfie.

Polina Krupinska, Martina Merzoa, Anna LewandowskaPolina Krupinska, Martina Merzoa, Anna Lewandowska Instagram pkrupinska

On that day, the model wore a green suit, but there were also pink elements. In the photo with Tosia, she is wearing a pink wig and glasses, while the girl is dressed as a princess. We can guess that they were in a good mood throughout the event.

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Polina Krupinska, TosyaPolina Krupinska, Tosya Instagram pkrupinska

Anna LewandowskaAnna Lewandowska with a child in her arms. Hardly anyone knows about it

You can see that Anna and Robert Lewandowski They made sure that their daughters birthday was unforgettable. Although they allow themselves a lot, they try to maintain balance and teach girls to respect money. Anna Lewandowska She admitted in one of the interviews that her husband cares that material things are not the most important thing in the lives of their children.

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