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Polish £ advertisement from January. The health insurance premium will go up, but there is a way to save 330 zlotys

Polish £ advertisement from January.  The health insurance premium will go up, but there is a way to save 330 zlotys

The first stage of changes from Polish deal Is to submit a tax package. The regulations have already been passed and come into effect from the new year. One of the changes is to remove the health contribution deduction from taxes to business men. However, there is a catch.

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Health insurance contribution can be deducted earlier

Entrepreneurs who do not hire workers and contributions sister It must be paid by the 10th of the following month. However, you can do this earlier.

When the health insurance premium is paid in January, the settlement will be made in the new Rules. If the payment is made in December, it will be possible tax deductible, on the old rules. The actual payment date of the installment is calculated. Therefore, it is worth paying in December, which will save PLN 328.78.

More information from the state on Home page of

sister However, he stresses that it is not enough to pay the health insurance premium alone – Portal reports In response to a question from a citizen, the Foundation informed that “all contributions due, which the payer of contributions is obliged to pay, that is, for all insurances and money, and not only for the health insurance itself, with one payment to the individual account number assigned to the payer. NRS contribution.”

Billing documents can be submitted later, until January 15, 2022. However, it is also important that there are no arrears for previous periods. “In this case, in the first place, the early payments will be settled from the payment, and the difference will have to be paid in contributions for the month of December” – he added sister.

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The Polish order changes the settlement of health insurance fees

No discount possible health premiums This is just one of the changes. Depending on the form of taxes, the premium may be 4.9%. (for entrepreneurs with a flat tax) or 9 per cent. The basis of the health insurance contribution will also change.

It must be emphasized that the health contributions of entrepreneurs on tax The linearity cannot be less than 9 percent. The amount of the minimum wage for work, as of January 1 of the year of subscription. On the other hand, taxable entrepreneurs with a tax card will be required to pay a 9 percent health insurance premium next year. Minimum wage for the year of subscription. It will be PLN 270.90, as the minimum monthly salary will increase to PLN 3010.

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