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Polish artificial intelligence to fight double quality

Polish artificial intelligence to fight double quality

The same product was purchased in Germany, Sweden or Poland, although according to EU law it must be of the same quality, unfortunately it often has very different quality standards. Those on the Polish market are usually worse. In order to combat unfair practices, Polish scientists designed the ANSI system based on artificial intelligence.

Double quality of products is a prohibited practice of selling food, chemicals, cosmetics, clothing or electronic products in different EU countries, which, under one brand and in the same packaging, show differences in composition or properties. Comparative research on food products has shown that each of the products sold in the European Union is of double quality.

Experts from the Information Processing Center – National Research Institute (OPI) together with scientists from the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN) designed the ANSI IT system. The tool will work on the basis of methods and techniques in the field of artificial intelligence, especially machine and deep learning. The basis of its work will be to select products on the basis of multinational preferences and multilingual consumer opinions published on the Internet.

“In times of globalized market, where the consumer has access to a large volume of products and services, it is not easy to detect unfair business practices. It is easier for scammers to hide from related services – emphasized representatives of the social media department of OPI PIB. Even groups of people are limited Employees of the right institutions cannot effectively analyze all the possible products available in the market. Fortunately, artificial intelligence comes to the rescue, which more effectively supports human work.

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Work to develop and implement the ANSI system is scheduled to be completed by 2025 at the latest.

“Thanks to the use of the latest methods of natural language processing, we are able to determine which products in Poland need to be further tested for quality in the laboratory, not by direct analysis of each individual physical product, but indirectly, on the basis of opinions about these products available on the Internet – as It’s a very exciting application of artificial intelligence methods, which uses truth in a positive sense that a large part of our lives are now transferred to the virtual realm,” says Dr.

The ANSI tool will, after a thorough analysis of consumer feedback, select and generate recommendations for a specific product suspected of double quality to be sent for laboratory verification. It will also provide a platform that will allow users to access aggregated data and analysis results.

The new system will consist of a unit to download data from the Internet and an algorithm responsible for analyzing and processing the information. The first unit will be responsible for cleaning and pre-processing the data. The second, on the other hand, will include models for, inter alia: recognizing language, analyzing opinions and sentiments, and identifying suspected quality duplexes that will be recommended for laboratory testing.

“Our tool will make it possible to determine consumer opinions based on the analysis of multilingual Internet resources, such as auction portals, shopping blogs, forums, websites of various organizations that oversee compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, websites of consumer organizations, etc. The solution will make it possible to identify products in which there are qualitative differences Depending on the market in which it is produced and delivered ”- says Dr. M. Marcin Mirończuk of OPI’s Intelligent IT Systems Laboratory.

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The project will result in the creation of a high-quality database of products and related opinions, along with a list of laboratories. “ANSI will certainly support the staff of the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection,” says Dr. Miruchuk.

The tool will be versatile and will enable integration with other systems that provide product information and feedback. It will also be useful in identifying unsafe or poor quality (including double quality) products. In addition, it will also be equipped with a global system of implementation and cooperation with external authorization and documentation systems.

The ANSI system will be created as part of a project funded by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) under the INFOSTRATEG III programme. (PAP)

Katarzyna Czekovic

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