October 18, 2021

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Mateusz Morawicki

Polish bargain with a pensioner trap. Less Pension For Longer Work

The government intends to raise the retirement age, promising higher pensions for workers for longer periods. However, seniors who take advantage of the offer and earn more comprehensive benefits must take into account that due to the Polish deal, they will receive less than people with lower pensions.

Polish order It is a coup prepared by the government tax system. A ground-breaking new solution is being prepared and announced Tax-exempt amount of PLN 30,000. What is ignored is the fact that the health insurance premium will be changed, which can no longer be partially deducted when settling personal income tax.

Subsequently From the average salary in our country, the Polish company Lada will have to pay higher taxes than before. Waiting for a similar trap Retirees: If the benefit they have received over the years exceeds approximately 5,000 PLN total, they will pay so high taxes that they get less than older people with fewer benefits.

The government wants to raise the retirement age. And for longer work, he will punish you with a higher tax

W National Reconstruction Plan Submitted to the European Commission, the government wrote how it would “effectively raise the retirement age”. The new Health Premium is to help with this: it will enable better care of the health of the elderly, so that they can stay active for longer.

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The calculations in the document show that each additional year of work after reaching retirement age will increase the amount received benefit by 8 percent. So, you see, the longer work should pay off.

but at the same time Polish order People who gain a lot of benefits will be punished. While pension and disability pensions amounting to a total of 2,500 PLN will be levied only with a health insurance contribution of 9 percent (such a pension will amount to a total of 30,000 PLN per year, that is, exactly the amount exempted from personal income tax), each zloty increases For this amount will already be incurred a tax rate of 26 percent.

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This will consist of 9 percent of your health insurance contribution and 17 percent of your income tax. So if the Poles take the government’s advice seriously, start working longer and earn benefits in a total amount of about PLN 5,000 or more, they will be penalized in excess of the current system. taxes.

The problem can be solved by retirement exemption, similar to those aimed at saving Middle class For higher taxes in the Polish Lada. We asked the Finance Ministry about the possibility of introducing it, but received only an evasive answer.