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Polish Film Awards The Eagles 2022. Winners List

Polish Film Awards The Eagles 2022. Winners List

The 24th Polish Film Eagles Awards Ceremony has ended. The biggest winner was the drama “Aida” by Yasmila Shabanek, which also won awards for its direction and script. Yaroslav Kaminsky, editor of this title was also appreciated. The Eagle for Life Achievements was handed over to Jerzy Skolimovsky.

This is how we relied on the 24th Polish Eagles Awards

Polish Film Eagles 2022 Awards. Polish Film Academy Award in the Most Important Category – Best MovieShe received “Aida” directed by Yasmila Shabani. The director herself was honored with figurines for her directing and screenplay. Jaroslav Kaminsky – editor of “Aida” – was recognized in the Best Editing category.

Al-Nusour 2022. “Aida” – What is the movie talking about?

“Aida” (as Jasna Djuricic) is a film by filmmakers from nine countries. It was created, among other things, with the support of the Polish Film Institute, and its producer was Ewa Puszczyńska.

In Aida, the Bosnian director and screenwriter Yasmila Ubanic once again in her career referred to the tragic pages of Bosnia’s history, namely the massacre in Srebrenica perpetrated by Serb forces against Bosnian Muslims. About 8,000 boys and men were killed in mass executions.

“Aida” is a story about a Bosnian teacher working as a translator for the United Nations. When Serbian forces under the command of Ratko Mladic entered Srebrenica at the beginning of July 1995, Aida became the link between the Dutch battalion and the enclave authorities. However, when the danger increases with each passing moment, the woman wants to do everything to protect her husband and two children from the brutality of the Serbs. The fact that he has an entry permit to the military base may help.

It’s not a typical war or historical movie. Abanić skillfully used her own trauma to show the human dimension of the conflict in Bosnia. This is a movie about people, not about conflict. The character of the translator also has a figurative meaning: she becomes the viewer’s guide through events and emotions. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Film in 2021.

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Jasna Djuricic as title AidaGutek . movie

Eagles 2022. Award winning actresses, award winning actors

Agata Buzek, star of ukasz Grzegorzek’s “My Wonderful Life”, won the award for Best Leading Female Role. The figurine went to the evening’s host, Message Store, who was appreciated for his lead role in “Back in Those Days.” Ewa Wiśniewska (“Zupa Nothing”, dir. Kinga Dębska) and Jacek Braciak (“Let There Be No Traces”, dir. Jan P. Matuszyński) were honored for supporting roles.

“Back to Those Days” dir. Konrad Askinovichcinema world

Jerzy Skolimowski, who at the end of May won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his latest film “Io”, received the Eagle Award in recognition of his life achievements. The statuette was presented to him by director Małgorzata Szumowska.

Members of the Polish Film Academy also appreciated Pawe Łoziński’s latest work, “The Balcony Film”, which received Eagle in the Best Documentary category. The cinematography was awarded to Piotr Sobociński jr, author of the cinematography for “The Wedding” by Wojciech Smarzowski. The director himself was awarded the Eagle Audience Award. Artur Kuczkowski and Tomasz Sikora for “Sonata” were honored on sound.

Eagles 2022. Polish Film Academy Awards

The Film Eagles Awards are presented in Poland for the 24th time, and are awarded by the Polish Film Academy. The party was held at Teatr Polski im. Arnold Szyfman in Warsaw.

According to the Polish Film Academy, this year’s nominees for the main competition were chosen from among 71 submitted films. In the Best Documentary category, the nominees for the bust were shortlisted from 67 titles. 19 productions were submitted to the Best Movie Series category.

Eagles 2022. Full list of nominees and winners

Best movie in Europe

“Annette” dir. Leos Carax (France, Mexico, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Germany) “Berlin Alexanderplatz” dir. Burhan Qurbani (Germany, Netherlands, France, Canada)
“Na Roza” (“Druk”) monastery. Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands) – Winner
“Father” dir. Florian Zeller (Great Britain, France) “Titan” dir. Julia Docornau (France, Belgium)

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Jerzy Morawski, Francesc Kozlowski “Forioza” Zofia Moros, Matthews Adamczyk, Sebastian Witkowski “Mosquito State” Matthews Adamczyk, Zofia Moros, Bartosz Butkiewicz, Sebastian Witkowski “Njmru. Loves, Steals and Respects”
Artur Koczkowski and Thomas Sikora “Sonata” – Winners
Michał Robaczewski “Sweat” Marek Woronko and Krzysztof Jastrząb “The Death of Zygielbojm” Radek Ochnio “Wesele” Leszek Freund “Nothing soup” Kacper Habisiak, Sebastian Crueghe and Jarosław Bajdowski “No Traces”

Maja Ostaszewska and Dawid Ogrodnik about the film "Magnesia"

Maja Ostaszewska and Dawid Ogrodnik on the movie “Magnezja”TVN24

Best customization

Dariusz Krysiak “Cudak” Alina Janerka “Furioza”
Waldemar Pokrumsky, Anisska Hodwana “Magniza” – winners
Mirosława Wojtczak “Master” Pola Guźlińska “Leaves No Traces”

Bowie Grabarczyk and Wanda Kowalska “Hitler’s Aunt” Bowie Grabarczyk and Wanda Kodak “Kodak”
Dorota Roqueplo “Magnezja” – Winner
Marta Ostrowicz “Najmro. Loves, steals, respects” Elżbieta Radke “The death of Zygielbojm” Małgorzata Zacharska “leaves no traces”

Jaroslav Kaminsky “Aida” – Winner
Pawe Łoziński, Bartłomiej Piasek and Piotr Wójcik “The Balcony Film” Agnieszka Glińska “Lamb” Iza Pająk and Laura Pawela “Escape to the Silver Globe” Krzysztof Komander “Wedding”

Iona Sekerzynica, director, “amateur” Mateusz Rakovic, director, “Nigru. Loves, steals and respects” Mateusz Koda, Anna Kokozka Romer, director, Polanski, Horowitz. Birthplace “Jacob Michalchuk, Director,” “In-laws”
Łukasz Gutt, Director of All Our Fears – Winner

the best movie

“Behavioural” dir. Łukasz Palkowski, Marek Vrubel, Mashhad. Bartosz Janiszewski, Maciej Kazula, production. Active Media for TVN Discovery Group “Klangor” dir. Łukasz Kośmicki, spectacle. Kacper Wysocki, prod. Opus TV for CANAL + Polska “Kruk. Czorny Woron is not sleeping” dir. Maciej Pieprzyca, text. Jakob Korolczuk, prod. Opus TV for CANAL + Polska
“Rojst ’97” dir. Jan Holbeck, Sen. Casper Pajohn, Jan Holbeck, Producer. Frame Sp. z oo for Netflix – Winner
“Sexify” dir. Kalina Alabrudzińska and Piotr Domalewski, screenplay. Kalina Alabrudzińska, Piotr Domalewski, production. axon studio for netflix

Document Trailer "The balcony movie" Paweł oziński

Trailer for the documentary “The Balcony Film” by Pawe ŁozińskiAntigravity

Best Documentary

The movie “1970” directed by Tomasz Volsky
“The Balcony Film” by Pawe Łoziński – Winner
“Polański, Horowitz. Hometown” by Mateusz Kodza and Anna Kokozka-Romer “Judges Under Pressure” by Kasper Lisowski “Escape to the Silver Globe” by Kuba Mikurda

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Best Supporting Female Role

Anna Dimna “Amateur” Agata Kulesza “Wedding” Jowita Budnik “All Our Fears”
Ewa Wiśniewska “Nothing Soup” – Winners
Alexandra Koneczna “Let there be no traces” Agnieszka Grushowska “Leave no traces”

Best male supporting role

Borys Szyc “Because There’s Sex in Me” Adam Woronowicz “My Wonderful Life” Łukasz Simlat “Sonata” Andrzej Chyra “All Our Fears”
Jacek Braciak “Leave No Trace” – Winner

"There will be no trace" Jan P. Matuszyński - Main Trailer

“There Should Be No Trace” by Jan P. Matuszyński – Main Trailercinema world

Best female role

Jasna Đuričić “Aida” Maria Dębska “Because Sex Is Inside Me”
Agata Buzek “My Wonderful Life” – Winners
Magdalena Koleśnik “Sweat” Sandra Korzeniak “Leave No Trace”

Best professional man role

Piotr Głowacki “Master” Jacek Braciak “My Wonderful Life”
Maciej Stuhr “Back to Those Days” – Winner
Robert Więckiewicz “Wesele” Tomasz Ziętek “There Should Be No Trace”

"Back to those days" monastery.  Konrad Askinovich

“Back to Those Days” dir. Konrad Askinovichcinema world

Maciej Zieliński “Gierek” Szymon Wysocki “Everyone Has Their Summer” Jan AP Kaczmarek “Magnezja” Cezary Skubiszewski “Mosquito State”
Marcin Masecki “Back to Those Days” – Winner
Jan AP Kaczmarek “Death of Zygielbojm” Mikołaj Trzaska “The Wedding”

Wojciech Żogała “Because there’s sex in me” – winner
Katarzyna Sobieska, Marcel Swainski “Kodak” Marek Warszewski “Magnizja” Ewa Skokowski “Master” Marek Warszewski “Wedding” Pawick Jarzubsky “Leave No Traces”

Klaudiusz Dwulit “Furioza” Witold Płóciennik “Master” Michał Englert “In-law”
Piotr Sobociński jr “Wesele” – Winner
Łukasz Gutt “All Our Fears” Kacper Fertacz “There Should Be No Traces” Arthur Reinhart “Żużel”

Yasmila Shabanesh “Aida” – Winner
Łukasz Grzegorzek ‘My Wonderful Life’ Wojtek Smarzowski ‘Wedding’ Łukasz Ronduda, Michał Oleszczyk, Katarzyna Sarnowska ‘All Our Fears’ Kaja Krawczyk-Wnuk ‘Leave No Traces’

Yasmila Shabanesh “Aida” – Winner
Paweł Łoziński “The Balcony Movie” Magnus von Horn “Sweat” Wojtek Smarzowski “Wedding” Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt “All Our Fears” Jan P. Matuszyński “Leave No Traces”

“Aida” monastery. Yasmila Shabani – Winner
“My Wonderful Life” dir. Łukasz Grzegorzek “All Our Fears” der. Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt “Wedding” monastery. Wojtek Smarzowski “No Monuments” monastery. Jean B. Matusinski

The Eagle for Achievement in Life – Jerzy Skolimowski

"Io" monastery.  Jerzy Skolimowski

“Io” dir. Jerzy SkolimowskiCannes Festival

Main image source: Gutek . movie

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