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Polish Football Association discusses. We now turn to Souza’s side. One option is the best Polish national team

Polish Football Association discusses.  We now turn to Souza's side.  One option is the best Polish national team

Confusion about the director general’s willingness to leave office Poland national team It has passed through all media – not just Polish -. Souza’s departure attempt has been reported in South America and Europe, especially in the Portuguese and Russian press.

They won’t know everything from the media

Quite a lot of people who work there PZPN About all the confusion only learned from the media. The president was in touch with the most important people in the union and after Christmas decided that all board members deserved a detailed explanation of the mess.

As we hear, board meeting PZPN It is to be an indication that the president will want to talk to the people who have supported him about the main issues related to Polish football fight on power. Secondly, it is also based on discussion and suggestions on how to play into the Sousa case. After all, there will be more than ten people at the meeting. Some of them will come to Warsaw, the rest will participate in the discussion via video. Board members will receive a legal opinion on the situation and discuss possible scenarios. We wrote about them a few days ago.

There are names! We know a narrow list of candidates for the post of the new coach of the Polish national team

Let us remember that the first of them – the best from the official point of view – It is assumed that the Portuguese will sign a contract with Flamengo, Who will break the contract with PZPN. After that, the union will report the case to FIFA, which, after examining it, is likely to award the Polish side compensation from the Portuguese for non-fulfillment of the contract. The second scenario assumes financial compensation from the Portuguese or Brazilian club and the termination of the contract by mutual agreement. And the third – a stalemate where, for various reasons, Sousa’s contract with Flamengo will not be initialed and his contract with the Polish Football Association will continue to be applied, although it is likely that neither side will see a sense of further cooperation. This is the variant that can evoke the greatest emotions on the board. The union’s lawyers have so far recommended waiting for Souza to act in the current situation.

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There is no official dispute over the successor

According to the official schedule of the meeting, Cesare Colisa does not want to look into the future and discuss the new selector. First, because you have to deal with Souza, and secondly, so as not to give the impression that it is the Polish side that is trying to break the contract with the Portuguese. This may mean the need to pay the salary stipulated in the contract by the end of 2022 (up to several million zlotys).

Behind the scenes, the Vice-Presidents will ask how Adam Nawachka views the Mukhtar and what the situation is like with Czeslaw Mitchinewicz. However, fans must be patient. The union first wants to clarify the issues of termination of the contract with Souza, and then talks about possible successors. However, this does not mean that in the privacy of the Podlasie Forest, some matters relating to this topic are no longer carried out.

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