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Polish influencer drama after Instagram crash: “My followers have gone down! It’s crazy!”

Polish influencer drama after Instagram crash: "My followers have gone down! It's crazy!"

For a large group of young stars, maintaining a large following on social media platforms is a matter of existence or not. Domains translate directly to the prices offered by advertisers, so it is understandable that every self-respecting influencer will struggle to be recognized by as many fans as possible. So you can only imagine the horror of some celebrities when they woke up on Monday with losses that reached thousands of followers.

Some network stars decided to immediately comment on the fluctuations in their profiles. Carolina Pisaryk She recorded her surprise and then posted a short clip on InstaStoreis.

The rest of the article is below the video

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When there is an Instagram crash and follow the withdrawals, then come back – We read under the video.

As proof that she is not the only victim, Pesarek also shared the news that Cristiano Ronaldo has lost as many as 3 million observers. She also shared her view on the situation, among others Oliwia Bieniuk.

My colleagues’ accounts have been closed and their followers dropped, so it’s clear why The aspiring actress explained succinctly.

Influencer Ola Nowak also shared her personal drama.

Instagram is crazy today! They massively block active user accounts. Also, if your account has not been banned, you may notice a significant drop in the number of followers. For me it is 10000. Instagram is already working on it… The girl complained.

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It would be better if they turned it off at all and those girls went to work. Yes, I look like a grandmother, but that’s the truth.

Wow mother and daughter! It’s the end of the world!

I haven’t even noticed any failures…because I don’t use this pseudo-blessing.

Good news 😂😂😂

Modernization! Listen Pudelkowicze, thanks to you we have already collected more than 3000 PLN for one of the gentlemen. The heart grows and sees how many sensitive people are still among us. You guys are great, every zloty counts. I looked at the site today helps. In addition to young children, there are many groups for the elderly and patients after strokes, strokes, as well as accidents. These fundraisers don’t elicit as much pity as children. An example of a fundraiser for Mr. Jerzy Pastuszak, where only 52 PLN has been paid from the beginning of the year. Mr. Jerzy Bernasiuk Another – the set has been extended again and it’s not even a quarter of the amount. Let’s also help these people, let’s not delete them.

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You mean…. I’m not in this industry, but I tend to understand that followers are their money, just like a trader, sales plans = commissions… for those smart – you can also run it (in instagram) nobody stops it. Don’t let the rest breathe poison…

Ah, what a terrible disaster to announce the decline to make up for the losses

But if not, it’s their source of income, and if the numbers are decreasing, it’s like reducing your job. I don’t support this kind of earning, but you also need to understand it

Strange M. Rozenek has no problem with that 🤔

I hate …

8 minutes ago

I don’t watch anyone and I never will be. no thing! I will not buy anything from them! I’ll let these parasites win 👍

I have suggestions, let’s stop following them en masse, and let them do real work. Thanks to us they got a job = money, but they still complain about hate and lack of privacy, so let’s make it easy for them!

Instagram has stopped! And no money to buy pineapples!

The meaning of life depends on the number of likes … down the bottom … seriously …. I wish you all these unreal celebrity problems.

Ah, can you imagine if the Instagram databases were deleted? It would be great.

Or maybe who doesn’t want to dump me?! I will “work” with a nice desire 😉

Withdrawals in the markets are waiting!!!!! And warehouses too!!!!!!!

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