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Polish request. Some retirees will lose out on changes

Polish request.  Some retirees will lose out on changes

One of the most important assumptions of the so-called from the Polish deal Increase the tax-exempt amount Up to 30 thousand zlotys. This solution will also affect the benefits that retirees receive.

Besides reducing the tax credit amount, the government is also planning to eliminate the possibility of health insurance deduction from taxes. This means that despite the increase in the free amount, some retirees will receive fewer benefits.

Effect? Older people who receive benefits less than the minimum will lose rather than gain – writes “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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A pensioner with a total of 660 PLN receives 651.75 PLN on hand. After the changes, he will receive PLN 600.60, because he will have to pay the entire health insurance premium, without the possibility of a deduction. Increase the free amount to 30 thousand. The PLN will not be compensated for this loss, because these people have too low an income to “consume” it fully – says Dr. Anthony Kulik “Wyborcza”, head of the Pension Institute.

Retirees who receive high benefits will also lose out under the new regulations. A lower pension can be expected by those who receive PLN 4100-4200 per month.

Also, the higher tax-free amount will not help people who benefit from the rehabilitation exemption or who are tax-deducted for drug expenses.

People who earn extra money under an employment contract or run a business may also find themselves in a worse situation.


– The government says it wants changes assuming we will pay the full health insurance contribution on each income, so if a retired person runs a business it will be 9 percent of the health insurance contribution from the pension and another 9 percent from economic activity. In either case, the contribution cannot be deducted. This will significantly reduce the income of such a retiree – Anthony Kollek tells Wiburxa.

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