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Polish sciences. Recipes are the soul of innovation. And we can be giants!

Polish sciences.  Recipes are the soul of innovation.  And we can be giants!

Wprost: I dream of such a scenario: Poland is famous in the world for the fact that its scientists regularly invent technologies, devices and inventions that turn out to be groundbreaking and that everyone buys from us.

a. Doctor Hub. M. Marius Zdrocic: At least two of us have such a dream.

Is my vision possible?

In theory, yes, because Polish scientists are inventive and often the first to discover technologies that could eventually change the world. For example, about 60 patents are created annually at the Warsaw University of Technology.

And practically?

Well, it’s more difficult.

It worked, which means it’s not impossible.

We are already in the process of implementation Our invention in the market. This is a new electromagnetic armored composite material, used in particular to protect sensitive electronics. Unfortunately, this is the exception to the rule.


there are many reasons.

How much money?

This may come as a surprise, but not all problems are money related.

So what are these non-financial reasons?

At the outset, I will explain what the process of commercializing science is, that is, the path that a scientific project must follow to become productive. It starts with an idea at the university. The idea should be tested, the prototype should be produced in lab conditions, described and verified if anyone else in the world had such an idea. If not, the IP must be secured – Submit patent application.

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