September 23, 2021

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Polski Ład podniesie podatki? „To nieprawda i fałszowanie rzeczywistości”

Polish system for raising taxes? “The truth is untrue and falsified”

Jaroslaw Guen was fired from the government for demanding amendments be made to the Polish Lada to protect the middle class, businessmen, and local governments from high taxes. Former Deputy Prime Minister warns of tax increases, Deputy Infrastructure Minister Marcin Horace asserts that: “Increasing the amount of tax exemption will make 9 million Poles stop paying income tax.”

Polish order Presented by the United Right in mid-May 2021. Not yet effective, a He actually split the Creators and caused a split in the coalition. The program assigned Jaroslav Goyen the portfolio of minister and the position of deputy prime minister, and it is said that This is just the beginning of personnel changes in government and administrative structures. Information appeared that After the departure of the deputy prime minister, about 50 of his supporters will lose their jobs.

After announcing the decision to resign Yaroslav go win scares it Polish order It will hit many Poles financially, it will be unfavorable to entrepreneurs and it will increase taxes. The former deputy prime minister warns: The new regulations require taking money from opponents of the Law and Justice Party and giving it to social groups that vote for the ruling party. Marcin Horacha, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Government Commissioner for CPK, takes a different view, ensuring that: An increase in the tax-exempt amount will mean that 9 million Poles will stop paying income tax.”

Polish system for raising taxes? “The truth is untrue and falsified”

On Monday (August 16, 2021) during a conference on tax reform, which is assumed by the Polish agreement, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marcin Horaza said that: An increase in the tax-exempt amount means that 9 million Poles will stop paying income tax.

All those who say that the Polish system is a tax increase falsify reality are telling the truth. Thanks to the introduction of Polish deal solutions, 18 million Poles will pay less taxes. Annually, an additional 14 billion PLN will remain in the pockets of taxpayers

Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure

The Deputy Minister indicated that he supported him law and justice The post-pandemic social and economic program envisages, among others, Increase the tax-exempt amount to 30,000 zlotys. It is also planned to raise the tax limit from 85.5 thousand PLN. Polish zlotys amount to 120 thousand. zloty.

– This is a historical increase in the free amount that will make you 9 million Poles will stop paying personal income tax– Notice the deputy minister.

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A child holding a banknote of 500 zlotys

According to Marcin Hurra Not only working people, but also retired and retired people will benefit from changes in the tax system. – Tax exemption for pensions up to 2,500 PLN will earn 90%. retirees, while two-thirds of them will stop paying VAT altogether, Hora stated.

Does this mean that no one will feel the tax increase? The Deputy Minister of Infrastructures admitted that the possible increase will affect the few and those who are not from the middle class.

People who earn 13,000 PLN on an employment contract, will lose only ten or so zlotys a month and in the worst case. However, if this person has a wife who charges 5,000 and settles accounts with him, he will still benefit from these solutions

Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure

Marcin Hurra believes in it Self-employed citizens will also benefit from Polish LADA: “The lump sum rates will be reduced, among other things for doctors, nurses, engineers and IT professionals. They will also pay less taxes.” Wydorska

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