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Polish volleyball players stunned Nikola Grybic. “How can I not be satisfied?”

Polish volleyball players stunned Nikola Grybic.  "How can I not be satisfied?"

The first group was a symphony. I could sit like a spectator and wait for the match to be over – Poland coach Nikola Grbic praised his players after the match with Bulgaria.

Grzegorz Voinarowski

Nicholas Grbich

WP SportoweFakty / Monica Bleach / Pictured: Nikola Grbich

In their first match at the 2022 World Championships, the Polish national team beat the Bulgarians 3-0. While this result is not a surprise, there may be two shocking things: the scale of the Poles’ victory in the first game (25:12) and the number of service points our players provided (13).

How can I not be satisfied when my team scored 13 points with only nine fouls? – said Grbi after the match.

Where, in his opinion, did the high efficiency of our team come from in the main element of volleyball? – All thanks boys. I can be the best coach in the world, prepare the best tactics, but they are the ones who go into the field. In this match, we focused on playing for Alexander Nikolov, considering him the weakest link in the group. However, I did not expect my players to be so accurate, because Nikolov scored nine out of thirteen points – the Serbian coach admitted.

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Grbi described the astonishing first group that won the “Symphony”. – I can sit like a spectator and wait for the match to end. We were offensive at 75 percent, five points with shock, a few with serve, and we only made one foul.

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The next two games, although the Poles probably won them in a ratio of 25:20, cannot count as prom in their game. The overall quality of the white and red retina was good, but at times it lacked focus, aggressiveness, and accuracy. We have to maintain a high level of concentration and press our opponents to the last ball. If we don’t, it will be like in the third group, where we lost the lead by several points twice – the Grbi rating.

With an impressive victory, the Polish volleyball players confirmed that they are one of the main candidates for the gold, but according to the coach of our team, the biggest candidates are the Americans and the French.

– We are a good team, but I think that if these two teams play their best in volleyball, they have more than the others. The French lost to Germany 17:23 in the second set and 19:22 in the third. With a good and experienced team. They won both sets. In such cases, the favorite is recognized. The Serb said they have the quality and confidence that allows them to overcome very difficult situations.

Grbi admitted: “Talking with you about it is insidious.” – I do not want to say that we are not the favorites for the championship, and I do not believe in my team. We have quality. If we play the whole tournament like we did in Group A against Bulgaria, we can achieve a lot.

– But I must add that there are six or seven teams at the same level. We know that if we advance to the quarter-finals and beat Iran, for example, we will win easily. We will beat Slovenia, Serbia or Argentina easily. It all depends on what we offer. If we play well, we have a chance. I will not promise anything, because I know how subtle the sport is at the highest level, how small and vibrating the differences between the best in it are – emphasized the Mukhtar of the Polish team.

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From Katowice – Grzegorz Wojnarowski, WP SportoweFakty

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