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Polish women are in a great position for Mai. Promotion almost certain. Otherwise, it will be a disaster

Polish women are in a great position for Mai.  Promotion almost certain.  Otherwise, it will be a disaster

Tuesday in I want Arena on me the border Gdansk And Sopot, Polish volleyball players will play the second match at this year’s World Championships. Although they have met so far only with Croatia, whom they defeated 3-1, they are already close to advancing to the next stage of the tournament. Moreover, if they win with Tajki, they can become the leader of Group B after two rounds.

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Polish women are almost certainly upgraded. Two victories weren’t enough just twice in twenty years

Where do the Polish women come from the almost certain promotion to the second group stage in لودód? The Croats were defeated, and there is also South Korea in their group, which can be considered the worst team in this world championship. Recently, coach Cesar Hernandez’s players lost 0: 3 to Vietnam, which is neither in this event nor in the FIVB rating, where he is not ranked. It is almost a guarantee of free victory for all teams of the “Polish” group. If it were otherwise, we would have to talk about a catastrophe.

“I didn’t watch the last two World Cup matches because I was sad because I wasn’t there”

The Polish women will play Poland’s match against Korea on Wednesday after the match against the Thai women. Will they get two wins before or after the weakest team in the group? It doesn’t really matter. In the history of the Women’s Volleyball World Cup in the system with 24 teams, in 40 cases of teams withdrawing after the first group stage, only two achieved two victories. They are Croatians in 2010, when they took fifth place in the group with Americans, Germans, Cubans, Thais and Kazakhs, as well as Czechs in 2002, when they played against Italians, Bulgarians, Germans, Japanese and Mexicans. Twenty years ago, only three left the group, and not four as it is now, so with two wins the Japanese did not manage to reach the next stage. This statistic shows that it is possible, but still very rare, and that the victory of the Polish women over the Croats is the key to survival in the tournament.

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“It will be important to think about one game at a time.” Lavarini highlights a key point

– I spoke with Turkish coach Giovanni Gedetti and we told ourselves that our group might not look like it, but it’s tough – he told us before match With Croatia, Polish women’s coach Stefano Lavarini. – Because it’s basically balanced. In fact, the result will not be much fuss in it. The Korean women are much weaker than the rest of the teams, so you can assume they would lose, but other than that anything could happen. I realized then that it would be very important to think about one game at a time and take it one by one without thinking about our overall performance in the tournament. Even with the system of this tournament, where it is necessary to finish the group stage with as many points as possible – the Italian added.

serbia vs bulgaria matchOne step away from the feel of the World Cup. Giant Troubles for World Champions

He raised an important point: Polish women are not just playing to leave the group in Gdansk and move to لودód. If they had had the aforementioned two victories and scored six points, they would have had a very difficult time in the second group stage, in which points pass from the first. To qualify for the quarter-finals, you have to finish fourth. If the playing system in the previous World Cup looked the same, then an average of 20 points would be enough for promotion in the second group stage. It is easiest to get most of them in the first matches, because later matches come with more demanding competitors.

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Taji after the defeat of Turkey? “Victory made them stronger”

The situation in the Polish group was further complicated by the unexpected result of Saturday’s match between Tajik and the Turks. And the Asian team defeated the players of one of the best coaches in the world, Giovanni Gudetti, after the tiebreak. Thus, he showed that the team was favored by almost everyone before the tournament itself, and even mentioned him as a favorite to win medalIt is not impossible to overcome. For the Polish women, this is partly bad news, because in a moment they will be playing with the Thai women who rushed after this victory.

PAP / Paweł JaskółkaThe Russian star chose the military over sport. again

Thailand showed that you can win with anyone. I’m sure this victory made them stronger and stronger mentally. It’s going to be a very tough match, but if we go out on the pitch with 100% concentration and be patient, I’m sure of the result. Because we are mentally and physically ready, says, Zuzanna Górecka, which hosts the Polish national team. The meeting with Thailand begins at 20:30 on Tuesday. Live coverage on and in the LIVE app.

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