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Politico: Macron considers Central European leaders to be russophobia

Politico: Macron considers Central European leaders to be russophobia

  • Merkel and Macron’s proposal to hold a summit meeting with Putin was for them “extremely, if not completely, humiliating”
  • The main role was played by Poland and the Baltic states, whose representatives sharply criticized the German-French initiative even before the start of the summit.
  • According to the President of France, such an approach by Poland or Lithuania shows that these countries are inhabited by Russophobia
  • According to politicians from Central and Eastern Europe, the term “Russian realists” is more accurate. “We can simply tell from history what Russia can do,” says the Lithuanian president.
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According to Germany and France, Russia, as a large neighbor of the European Union, is wanted by society for commercial reasons. It’s a big country to deal with, and that’s why it needs talks with its leader – Vladimir Putin – explaining it. That is why the leaders of France and Germany at the summit that concluded on June 25 fought for Brussels to restore its relations with Russia and allow talks with Putin or his officials.

Policy informants say the European Council ultimately did not approve such a move. Macron and Merkel’s plans were blocked by Poland and the Baltic states, whose arguments were supported by other countries. From our side of Europe, Russia has done so many bad things in recent times that they cannot be forgotten now.

As arguments, the annexation of Crimea, the war in the Donbass, and the militarization of Kaliningrad Oblast were mentioned.

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Rusophobes or Ruso-realists?

However, President Macron, who was leaving the EU summit, remains unhappy with what has been accomplished together. In an interview with journalists, he admitted that fellow politicians from Central and Eastern Europe are “Rosophobia”. He also sees positive aspects of cooperation with Russia. That is why he intends to speak to President Putin personally as a representative of France, if he cannot do so as a representative of the entire Union.

Such words are criticized by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nozoda. In his opinion, it would be good for the European Council to agree that Brussels maintain a tough stance on Russia and soften it only when the Putin regime makes concessions.

– said Nosida – leaders who unconditionally support a reset in relations with Russia – are naive – if we begin to commit ourselves to repairing relations with Russia without concessions, we will give Vladimir Putin a very bad signal that whatever he will eventually do, we will do. Still cooperates with him – concludes.

What did EU leaders discuss?

The twenty-seven heads of state and government adopted their stark conclusions about Russia around two in the morning, after a long and sometimes heated debate. The end result has been very humiliating, if not utterly humiliating, for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, usually the two most influential in discussions at the European Council table.

Instead of endorsing German and French language that would outline the idea of ​​a “leadership meeting” along the lines of what US President Joe Biden and Putin held in Geneva last week, The council approved a statement focused on outlining the Kremlin’s expectations and demandsWhich would be a precondition for a new diplomatic commitment. The council also threatened to impose new economic sanctions if Moscow insisted on “malign, illegal and destructive activity”.

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European Council The Russian leadership is expected to show more constructive commitment and political action and stop targeting the European Union and its member states, as well as third countries, “the leaders wrote in the conclusions.”

The Council called on Russia to “assume its full responsibility” to ensure the implementation of the Minsk 2 Peace Agreement to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine. In addition, the leaders reiterated their support for “accountability” for the 2014 destruction of a Malaysian airliner that was shot down by a Russian missile.

Rather than support the idea of ​​a summit meeting, the leaders called on the European Commission and the EU’s foreign policy chief to develop “concrete options, including terms and leverage” for further cooperation with Russia in various policy areas. They wrote that “the European Council will analyze the modalities and methods of dialogue with Russia.”

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