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Politics: US suspends aid to Ukraine. Before the Biden-Putin summit

Polsat News

The Politico website revealed that the United States has suspended military aid to Kiev, including short-range air defense systems, anti-tank weapons and small arms. Transport, prepared in response to the accumulation of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, was ready to send, but to no avail. The decision comes ahead of the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva.

The White House stopped sending $ 100 million worth of arms to Ukraine ahead of the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva, the Politico portal reported on Friday. This package should be a reaction to the concentration of Russian troops on the borders of Ukraine.

Arms stockpile for Ukraine halted

– This suspended package will be in addition to Ukraine’s security assistance effort, which mainly includes non-lethal equipment. I think this decision tells us that the administration is measuring its policy on Ukraine in terms of Russia’s behavior. One could say that this is a policy based on appeasing Russia – one of the advisers to the Democratic Congressmen from the parliamentary committee in Ukraine told a reporter of the Polish press organization about “pacifying” Russia.

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According to a portal citing sources in the Joe Biden administration, Washington should use short-range air defense systems, anti-tank weapons and small arms for military assistance. The military aid package was ready and ready to be shipped, but was eventually halted by the National Security Council before the summit of the two powers’ leaders in Geneva and after Russia’s partial withdrawal. The exact date of the decision was not given.

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According to the Politico website, although Moscow had said in May about the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border, most of the equipment and troops sent by Russia to the border areas and to Crimea were still there, and Zabat-21 exercises in this regard are scheduled for the fall.

Tough topic for a democratic president

In the run-up to the Geneva summit, the Biden administration’s actions were criticized by congressmen from the parliamentary committee on Ukraine, who expressed concern about the $ 25 million cut. Another aid package for Kiev worth 250 million. A few days later, the day before the summit, the Pentagon approved a new $ 150 million security aid package that no longer contains assault weapons. Instead, they will be sent to Kiev with radar to monitor artillery shells and drones.

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“Sending dangerous weapons has always been a difficult topic for Obama’s people (former US Democrat leader Barack – Ed.), So it looks like a return to this policy,” the politician added anonymously.

Military aid to Ukraine has been at the center of the scandal that led to the accusation of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump. At the time it was among other Javelin anti-tank missiles. Trump has ordered Kiev to shut down arms ships to begin investigations into US presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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