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Polsat Boxing Shows 10. A great party with many knockouts!

Polsat Boxing Shows 10. A great party with many knockouts!

Niko Zdonovsky and Oskar Jajkowski fought an artistic but exciting battle. Both showed their heart to fight, despite having many missed and unclean strokes and hunting for one hit or failed combos. It looks like the verdict would be closer to a tie, but the judges definitely ‘updated’ Zdunowski and won the victory.

In the teenage battle between Maks Suske and Petro Frolov, the former had big problems from the very beginning of the fighting. He lost round one and two for sure in points, and fell in both for a moment after a light hit and an element of slip.

Frolov controlled the course of the fight, dealing weak and signal blows. He also hit himself, but he didn’t have the strength to bring down the opponent in the end. He won the points even though he was very tired in the final minutes in the ring.

Alexander Perovsky, famous for his aggressive style of boxing, firmly emphasized the end of the first round and put it in his account in the duel with Jose Angel Rosales Romero. However, things got worse later.

Battle Card PBP 10

Osleys Iglesias Izeguel Osvaldo Maderna defeated Iglesias via TKO in the first round

12 rounds, maximum weight (78 kg)

Alexander Peroyevsky Romero vs Jose Angel Rosales beat Bereżewski by judge’s judgment

6 welterweight rounds (66.66kg + 1kg)

Max Sosuke vs. Petro Frolov Frolov won the judge’s ruling

PBP 10. Weighing ceremony. Video (Polsat Sport)/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

6 rounds, maximum weight (74 kg)

6 rounds, very average weight (76.2kg + 1kg)

Niko Zdonovsky Zdunowski won against Oskar Gajcowski by judge’s ruling

Welterweight 4 rounds (66.7 kg + 1 kg)

Grasjan Krulikowski He beat Christian Dzornak with Królikowski via TKO in the first round

Welterweight 4 rounds (66.7 kg + 1 kg)

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