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Polsat SuperHit Festival 2021. Beata Kozydrac and Maneskin. Relationship

Polsat SuperHit Festival 2021. Beata Kozydrac and Maneskin.  Relationship

  • On Friday in Sopot, the 2021 Polsat Super Hit Festival kicked off, after a year-long break due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will run until Saturday 26th June
  • On the first day of the festival, the music was less – Beata Kozydrak and Bagem gave a 40-minute concert in the program “Hot Blood Flows in Us”, and before that Cleo sang in the opera of the forest. The rest of the evening is cabaret shows
  • Beata and Bajmu’s show wasn’t captivating, at least on TV broadcast – it was full of joy, emotions and hits, but the listening pleasure was dulled by the horrible audio production
  • Beata’s voice often got lost in the mix, and the band’s vocals lacked clarity and power. In this regard, TVP conducts broadcasts more professionally
  • There will be plenty of music on Saturday – among others, the winners of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the Italian Måneskin, as well as Kayah, Kortez, Enej, Doda, Sanah, Michał Szpak, Pectus, Andrzej Piaseczny, Paweł Domagała, Kamil Bednarek, Golec uOrkiestra, Viki Gortabor, IRA Justyna Steczirkowska, Sławomirkowska
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The 2021 Polsat Super Hit Festival in Sopot, the event that replaced TOpTrendy in 2015, has been announced as “the hottest music event of the summer”. On a daily basis, such statements should be treated with a great distance, because under normal conditions there are many music attractions and festivals in the summer, but we live in a rather special time – the COVID-19 epidemic, which caused this event not to happen. Which will take place last year, is so unpredictable that who knows what will happen in a few weeks or several weeks there may be as much as possible in the music scenes, and let the dark scenarios regarding a possible fourth wave of the epidemic and the possibility of another shutdown come true. Much depends on ourselves.

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The Polsat Super Hit Festival is primarily a musical event, but on the first day the music was less, as cabarets (“Sopocki Hit Kabaretowy”) predominated. The main musical point of the program was a 40-minute concert by Peta Kozidrac and Bagmo called “Hot Blood Flows in Us”, and before that, Cleo performed on stage accompanied by six dancers in her futuristic white costume. The singer sang her song “Star Hunters” last year, but to tell the truth, there wasn’t much to hear about her voice. Unfortunately, as it turned out later, it was not her fault.

Photo: PAP / Marcin Gadomski

Cleo on stage during the Polsat Super Hit Festival 2021

– Today we officially defrosted the festivals – Krzysztof Ibesz, who hosted the first day of the festival together with Paulina Sekut-Jezina, did not hide his joy. – Beautiful and predatory! – announce Beata Kozydrac. The singer presented herself so boldly that in fact, despite her style, revealing her impressive legs, there was a certain amount of kitsch. It definitely fits ring The soul of the first song: “Closer” was created in collaboration with producer Duett, with hip-hop. Unfortunately, from the very beginning something was wrong with the sound, at least with the TV broadcast. Beata’s voice, in the first minutes giving the impression of her being a bit “usual” on stage, was often lost in the mix, and the band’s voice was devoid of clarity and strength. In this regard, ladies Bagmo, give me, which at the beginning of the epidemic Adam Ztapa was remembered in an unusual way, and the pop-rock “Drunken You” from the album “B3” released a few years ago, was not much better. Harm. In terms of audio, TVP performs broadcasts more professionally.

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The text continues below the video.

It was not long after the concert, but it was filled with many songs, especially Bajmu, which was greeted with great enthusiasm – beloved by the audience “Thoughts and Words”, rock music “Hot blood flows in us”, hard rock “Biała army” and touching song Dedicated to fans “same moment”. Piata also did not hide her feelings and joy. – It’s amazing that you’re here and I’m here. I love you! – I confirmed. – You are my wonderful audience, whether you are sitting here or in front of the televisions, you are the most important to me – she added. She also invited her ex-husband and Bajm manager, Andrzej Pietras, to the stage, thanking him for being alone on stage. The singer also received several figurines, including from the Polsat viewers, presented by Nina Terentiew, and the 30th Anniversary Award for Radio Zeit, presented to her by Beata Tadla.

The ceremony concluded with the song “Gambit”, which heralds the artist’s fourth solo album, scheduled to be released next year. Climatically it also refers to the ’80s, but again … a lot is lost in such an audio setting. It remains to be hoped that the producers from Polsat will draw conclusions and improve this aspect on Saturday – especially since there will be for example the winners of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, i.e. włoski Måneskin.

Even before the festival, some viewers sparked the organizers’ decision to divide Sopot Forest opera audience segments into those who had been fully vaccinated (without additional entry restrictions) and those who had not. There have been accusations of encouraging segregation, but is this true? After all, thanks to these few sectors (only four out of twenty-three!) dedicated exclusively to vaccination, no one loses anything, and the festival can safely attend more people. And while the issue is controversial – just to mention the recent confusion about the KULT team’s statement – it appears that more and more organizers will either introduce such a split or only invite fully vaccinated people to their events.

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