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Polsat SuperHit Festival. Beata Kozydrac vs. Stairs. She had trouble getting off. Guilty shoes. She had to use help

Polsat SuperHit Festival.  Beata Kozydrac vs.  Stairs.  She had trouble getting off.  Guilty shoes.  She had to use help

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What does Piata Kozydrac look like?

Takes Polsat SuperHit Festival. The greatest Polish stars will perform at Opera Forest during the three days of the musical event. One of them is Beata Kozydrac. Even outside the stage, the artist focuses on unusual creations. The original shoes she chose contributed to the fact that she had to use the help of an assistant.

Polsat SuperHit Festival. Hug Duda Justina Stechkovska

Beata Kozydrac presented herself in the original Sopot shoe. The assistant helped her go down the stairs

In early May Beata Kozydrac The verdict was heard in the event of driving under the influence of alcohol. The court ruled that the singer must pay a fine of 50,000 zlotys, and 20,000 zlotys to the post-prison fund, as he was subject to a five-year driving ban. The case slightly damaged the singer’s reputation, but it does not change the fact that she is still one of the most famous artists in Poland. So the leader of Bajmu is one of the stars of this year Polsat SuperHit Festival.

employment It happened She came early, definitely to be able to take part in the rehearsals. On the second day of the festival, while the singer was walking around the Lina Opera Square, she was wearing it black Rock T-shirt with fringe and tight-fitting riders. However, the item that attracted the most attention was the artist’s shoes. The star wears orange Slippers On exorbitantly high platforms. The shoes looked very original, but made them difficult to move. Going down the stairs, the singer had to lean on the assistant’s shoulder.

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Beata Kozidrak Polsat SuperHit Festival 2022Beata Kozidrak Polsat SuperHit Festival 2022 /

Paweł Domagała, Paulina Sykut, Krzysztof IbiszPolsat SuperHit 2022. Pawe Domagała did not come to Sopot. why?

How do you like design? Beata Kozydrac?

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