July 28, 2021

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Pope Francis after surgery.  According to the doctors, he took it well

Pope Francis after surgery. According to the doctors, he took it well

On Sunday afternoon, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has gone to the Gemelli Clinic in Rome, where he will undergo elective surgery. She explained that this procedure relates to the symptoms of diverticulosis of the colon.

The operation was performed under full anaesthesia by the following doctors: A. Sergio Alfieri, a. Luigi Sovo, d. Antonio Tortorelli and Dr. Robert Minge. In turn, the saint’s father was anesthetized by a team of four anesthesiologists. Each of them also holds at least the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

The 84-year-old Pope will have to stay in hospital “at least five days”, according to reports from ANSA, which quoted sources close to the hospital.

According to the journalists of the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, the Pope will not receive the worshipers until August 4. During this time, he will recover after the operation. However, the head of the Catholic Church does not intend to travel to a summer residence in the Vatican during this period. The Pope will be behind the Bronze Gate the entire time.

84-year-old Francesc went to the hospital almost in complete secrecy. He was accompanied only by a driver and a close partner. He took the room in which John Paul II stayed seven times. Francis is the second pope to be hospitalized at this clinic after him.

It is unofficially known that the operation began on Neighborhood 19.

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