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Pope Francis: Here the devil enters. This is also a problem for priests and nuns

Pope Francis: Here the devil enters.  This is also a problem for priests and nuns

The Pope spoke about the problem pornography Digital by answering the questions of priests and seminarians studying in Rome. The Catholic Information Agency quoted his statement.

One question concerns the immersion of priests and seminarians in the digital world and social media. Francis He stated that he himself does not use social media due to his age. But according to the Pope, priests and clergy should do this, but social media should be treated as an aid in communicating and remembering the risks. One such threat is “digital pornography”.

‘I don’t say, ‘Anyone who has had at least one such experience, raise his hand,’ ‘No. But let everyone think,’ Whether he has experience or been tempted by pornography in the digital world– said the Pope.

It is an addiction that has many people, a lot of laymen, a lot of lay women, as well as priests and nuns.. This is where the devil comes in. I’m not just talking about criminal pornography like the one about children where you watch the abuse live [seksualnego]: This degeneration. But more “normal” pornography.”

Pope He also gave advice to the clergymen. “If you can remove it from your mobile phone, please remove it, This way you will not be tempted. And if you can’t get it out of there, be careful not to get involved with it. I tell you, this is something that weakens the soul. It weakens the soul. Satan enters in this way: it weakens the priestly heart” – Francis argued.

In August he was arrested on suspicion Possession of child pornography Father Grzegorz O. left, principal of the primary school in Lubin. – Prosecutor Sebastian Kolczynski said that pornography with the participation of children was found in the IT equipment of the Salesians.

father’s case. Wiesława C. of the county diocese. Lublin, who was legally convicted of providing pornographic content to a 14-year-old girl and forcing a girl to send pictures of her private parts.

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