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Pope Francis: I don’t know where they come from, I want to step down

Pope Francis: I don't know where they come from, I want to step down

In an interview with Spanish Catholic radio station Cope, Francis confirmed that after his July 4 bowel surgery, he lives a “completely normal” life, takes medication and can eat anything. The Pope denied the suggestion of an Italian newspaper that he was considering resigning, and confirmed: – I do not know where they got it from, and I want to step down.

As he said, he only reads one Romanian newspaper and does not watch TV. – I found out later, a few days later, that there was something about my resignation. Every time the Pope gets sick, he said sarcastically, there’s always a breeze or a hurricane in the seat.

Francis did not always categorically deny that he would abdicate in the future. In March 2015 he said: – I think Pope Benedict XVI opened the door. The institutional path is open. Today, the retiring pope is no stranger.

When asked about the situation in Afghanistan, Francis judged the withdrawal of US forces as “correct” but said he believed the Afghan people had been “left to their fate”. He considered the core issue “negotiating an exit”. – As far as I can see, not all possibilities have been taken into account. I don’t want to judge, but not all possibilities – he booked.

He revealed, without going into details, that the Holy See is making efforts at the diplomatic level to prevent the persecution of the people of Afghanistan. Moreover, the Pope expressed the opinion that “dialogue with China should not be abandoned,” and noted that an agreement on the appointment of bishops had been successfully concluded with Beijing.

Francis stated that he was inspired by the activity of the Vatican’s Secretary of State during the tenure of St. Francis’ pontificate. John Paul II, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. He described him as “a man charged with building bridges with Central Europe”. He also quoted Burborat’s words about the “martyrdom of patience” which he used to describe his experiences in the communist countries of the time.

It was one small step after another to build bridges. Slowly, slowly – said the Pope. He asserted that it was finally possible to obtain permission to appoint bishops and patronize the faithful. Today, he noted, we must somehow go step-by-step along these paths of dialogue in more conflict situations.

Speaking about the fight against child sexual abuse in the Church, Francis expressed his appreciation to the president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Juveniles, American Cardinal Sean O’Malley. He then called on governments around the world to take action against child pornography.

The Pope said he wants to travel to Glasgow for the United Nations conference on climate change, COP26, which will take place in the first half of November. “It all depends on how I feel,” he said. He revealed that he was already preparing for his speech to this forum.

When asked how he wanted to be remembered, he replied, “As a sinner trying to do good” and not “Superman Papa” as some would like him to be portrayed.

Another topic of conversation is the upcoming visit of Francis to Budapest at the end of the International Eucharistic Conference and to Slovakia on September 12-15. – It may be a little special, but in the end it will be the same as always – said the Pope.

Asked about his possible meeting with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, Francesc said: – I don’t know if I will meet him. I will receive various representatives of the authorities in the hall. I do not travel with the brochure. I wait for someone to come to me and look into their eyes.

The Vatican Travel Program includes a half-hour meeting of the Pope with Hungarian President Janos Ader and Prime Minister Orban at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.

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