June 19, 2021

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Pope Francis' joke angered believers

Pope Francis’ joke angered believers

Some conservative Brazilian Catholics are outraged by a joke about their country and its people that Pope Francis recently allowed, according to the Catholic Information Agency.

Brazilian priest Sr. Joao Paulo Victor Soto asked the Holy Father to bless him and his compatriots. Pope Francis replied jokingly, “You have no salvation [lub: ratunku]. You drink a lot of cachaça [brazylijski słodki napój alkoholowy z trzciny cukrowej]And you do not pray, ”, then smiled and blessed the clergyman and his companions – tells Kai.

According to the agency, the priest reacted to these words the same as most Brazilians at first – that is, he accepted them as a joke. However, when the video of this scene began circulating on social media, there were critical voices, especially among supporters of the right-wing head of state and conservative Jair Bolsonaro.

In an open letter on the website of the pro-presidential daily Jornal da Cidade Online, attorney Jorge Beja asked Francis to “apologise to Brazil and the Brazilians who have hurt him so badly with his cruel, incorrect, cruel and hurtful words” during the Covid-19 epidemic.

His text has been downloaded on the Internet more than 8000. times and collected at least 18 thousand. Comments. Some readers wrote that they miss the “Polish pope”, that is, the saint. John Paul II, considered by the Brazilian right to be more conservative.

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